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Can professional cleaning extend the life of luxury rugs?

To remain looking at their best, expensive rugs require regular maintenance. Always underfoot, rugs accumulate unwanted debris which can not only make them appear dull over time, but can also cause harm and shorten their active service life.

While continuous sweeping and vacuuming of rugs and their surrounds can help extend their life, alone these techniques can only achieve so much. Fortunately, professional rug cleaning services in Essex and other counties are available to help.

What reduces the life of rugs?

As we tread on rugs, the grit and soil they accumulate is forced deep into the innermost fibres of the carpet, eventually reaching the backing. Under pressure, dirt can graze the yarns slowly and wear them out. However, in other instances, dirt cuts through carpet fibres as if they had been slashed by a knife.

How can professional cleaning help?

While regular vacuuming can slowly build up, a professional rug cleaning service can yield better results. Performed by experts with a complete skillset and the latest cleaning solutions and equipment available, these services entirely remove debris and dirt that has built up. This not only restores a rug’s appearance, but effectively extends its life.

If you need professional rug cleaning in Colchester, you can count on us. At Rug Cleaning Studio, we provide a comprehensive nine-step cleaning process that can prolong the lifespan of your home’s rugs. Reach out to us now to access our expert service and enjoy a longer return on your investment in a luxury rug.


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