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Caring for fringes of luxury rugs

While they might appear like decorative elements, the fringes of a luxury rug can be key to its integrity. In hand-knotted rugs, warp threads are a foundational part of their construction. Weavers tie them off to complete their creations, resulting in the fringe. Consequently, severe damage to the fringe of a hand-crafted rug can cause it to unravel.

While machine-made rug makers glue or sew the fringe on, care is still essential to keep its appearance clean and untangled, just like a hand-knotted rug. Here, we look at fringe issues and how best to maintain a rug’s fringes.

Regular care tips

When vacuuming rug fringes, owners should remember to turn off the beater bar and use a dedicated brush attachment instead. However, hand grooming is often a better approach to ensure fringes or tassels stay tangle-free and undamaged. A professional rug cleaner will provide this attentive service and will only use cleaning solutions that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Cleaning rug fringes

If you can see visible dirt on your rug fringes, it means that soiling has become deeply embedded in the rug’s fibres. Be warned that using aggressive cleaning methods and products can do more harm than good, so it’s a good idea to seek out the assistance of an expert service without delay. The in-depth cleaning methods of professionals can extract unwanted matter from the fringes and restore their appearance.

If the fringes of your floor covering require an experienced service, you can count on our team for rug cleaning in Colchester. Rug fringes are hand cleaned and groomed as part of our nine-step service at the Rug Cleaning Studio so reach out to us today.


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