Considerations when placing furniture on fine rugs

Pairing attractive furniture with luxury rugs is a common combination when dressing interiors. Finer rugs can add a layer of charm and warmth to harder floor finishes, making both formal and social environments feel more inviting. However, consideration must be taken regarding how furniture is positioned to avoid harm to your coveted rug.

Furniture placement

While the best option is to have no furniture resting on your rug, available space and rug size can make this impossible. The next best alternative is to have the furniture’s full weight distributed evenly on the rug, rather than partially reducing stress. However, furnishings should still be shifted periodically so wear doesn’t occur. Consider using a smaller or larger rug in rooms as required to achieve these aims.

Rug material

When rugs must support furniture, consider their materials to decide if they can cope. For instance, a cotton or wool rug is likely to withstand pressure better than a rug woven from silk.

Fine rug care

Regardless of furniture placement, to avoid damage, fine rugs require professional cleaning. While it depends on usage and location, most luxury rugs benefit from a deep clean at least once a year to preserve their value and appearance. A professional service also includes hand grooming of the pile which can help rejuvenate fibres flattened by furniture.

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we supply convenient off-site cleaning that includes collection and delivery. If furniture requires moving, to remove or place your rug we can handle this on your behalf.

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