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Four signs you need to restore your Oriental rug

Hand weaving is an ancient art and Oriental rugs are an ideal example of just what can be achieved.

These rugs are primarily produced in Central and East Asia, bust are also commonly found in the Middle East. The wide range of countries of origin spans Nepal, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and China. Each region or nation making these rugs will always have its own distinctive style and as they are crafted by hand, each rug produced is completely unique.

Featuring materials like cotton and silk, but mainly wool, the pile of Oriental rugs is tied by hand to its foundations. As a result, these rugs are often called hand-knotted carpets and this painstaking process makes them more durable, allowing them to provide between 50 and 80 years of use.

Oriental rugs can be decorative, functional, and beautiful, but also represent an investment as a collector’s item that can even increase in value over time. However, to maintain their appearance, protect their worth and enjoy them for decades, Oriental rugs need professional care and maintenance from experts who understand how and when to clean them.

1. Faded colours

Timeless works of art, Oriental rugs are renowned for their intricate patterns and plentiful colours depicting imagery of animals, flowers, and an abundance of other elements. However, when dust, pet hair and other unwanted materials accumulate in Oriental rugs, the overall impact is that the colours of the rug lose their vibrancy. While the attractive colours of an Oriental rug make them ideal as features for homes, when they become dulled by dust, they can quickly ruin the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Using traditional techniques designed to protect materials like silk, wool and cotton, professional rug cleaners carefully but comprehensively remove dirt using a mild detergent and rinses. To preserve the colours during cleaning, Oriental rugs are first inspected closely, and dye tested. If necessary, a cleverly formulated fixative is used to hold dyes in place ensuring no colour loss occurs.

2. Unpleasant odours and stains

While less common when they are hung on walls, Oriental rugs can pick up unwanted odours and stains over time. Cooking smells or the odour of smoke can become embedded in the fibres of rugs, as can human body oils secreted from our skin. Homes where animals are part of the family can also incur the risk of accidents of from pet mess, which even when cleaned up quickly can leave a lasting odour. The same applies to food and drink spillages, which can become absorbed by the rug’s pile. When one or more of these scenarios unfolds, an oriental rug can give off unpleasant smell,s which is a clear indication that professional cleaning is necessary.

Expert rug cleaners use a special bacteria-killing treatment that can entirely eliminate unpleasant smells. Additionally, anti-stain protection can be applied to defend rugs against a range of accidents.

3. Tangled and yellowed fringes

An authentic Oriental rug does not have sewn-on fringes. Instead, the fringes form the finish of the warp yarns, making them an integral element of the carpet. While they make an attractive feature of Oriental rugs, fringes can become discoloured by dust and tangled by traffic. Professional rug cleaners will hand-groom fringes, restoring their impeccable appearance.

4. Rough to the touch and visible wear

An integral experience of owning a luxury Oriental rug is the tactile sensation of appreciating how soft its pile is. When the deep fibres of rugs become clogged with dirt and dust, they lose their softness and can even feel greasy to the touch.

When dirt becomes compacted in the fibres of a rug, it will cut into the base of yarns, breaking them when stepped on. As a result, regular professional cleaning, which can penetrate deep into the fibres, is essential.

Specialists in Oriental rug cleaning use gentle processes to restore the soft feel of rug and stop further damage happening. This work includes built-for-purpose equipment, as well as some cleaning techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. Dry soil is removed using 40,000 harmonic vibrations and rugs are washed gently in specially engineered rug washing troughs and pools, while never using chemical products or powerful water jets.

Expert oriental rug cleaning in Essex

If you have an oriental rug you want to restore to its former glory, you can depend on our dedicated team at Rug Cleaning Studio. With an in-depth understanding of the specific cleaning requirements of a diverse range of rugs, we will ensure that only suitable products and processes are used to refresh your rug.

Our hassle-free service can collect, clean, dry, and return your rug for the ultimate in convenience. Reach out to use today at the Rug Cleaning Studio to benefit from our nine-step service that can restore the condition, texture, and colours of your oriental rug.


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