Helpful tips to maintain Persian rugs

Fine additions to any home, hand-knotted Persian rugs are crafted by skilled weavers and designed for extended use, often passing down through family generations. However, preserving the longevity and beauty of such rugs requires an understanding of their needs.

Professional cleaning

First and for foremost, Persian rugs require periodic professional cleaning. The comprehensive but considerate deep cleaning offered by an expert cleaner will not only remove more dust and debris from their fibres, but also ensure they are not damaged or experience colour loss. Annual or bi-annual rug cleaning is advised and at further intervals, if necessary.

Wear and tear

In between professional cleans, safeguard your rug by adding a non-slip pad beneath it to prevent it sliding on tile or hardwood flooring. Rotate your Persian rug at least every six months to stop it becoming heavily worn at one end, and place it out of the way of heavy footfall.

Be mindful of moths

Moths are infamous for inflicting damage on wool Persian rugs. Watch out for indications of moths like insect carcases and small holes. Vacuuming the underside of the rug can help remove any eggs that may be hiding.

Sort stains swiftly

If a spill occurs, handle it quickly and correctly. Blot and dab at stains as soon as possible with a clean paper towel or cloth, and never rub. Also be sure not to use harsh cleaning chemicals to attend to stains on Persian rugs; only water and mild detergent are suitable. When in doubt, leave the task to a professional cleaning service.

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