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How can you tell if your rug needs a clean?

Although in sometimes it’s painfully obvious that a rug requires cleaning, in other cases the passage of time creates more subtle signs. Let’s look at some common indicators that your rug needs a professional clean.

Fading colours and detail

While stains and spills are easy to spot, dust accumulates over time and impacts the appearance of rugs. High-end rugs like Chinese and Persian products often feature intricate details and vibrant colours, but once they are clogged with unwanted material, fading and loss of lustre are common problems. Regular vacuuming can help reduce rugs getting dusty, but only a professional clean can penetrate deep into the yarns and restore their look and feel.

Allergic reactions

Even the most ventilated and well-cared for homes experience airborne pollutants. From pollen to pet dander, a wide variety of unwanted material can wind up in rugs. When we step on rugs or switch on heating or air conditioning, pollutants are dispersed into our home, causing allergies. Sneezing, coughing or itchy eyes are all indications that your rug may be ready for cleaning.

Unpleasant odours

Rugs must often contend with heavy footfall and drink and food spills. From body oils released through feet to wine stains that soak into their thick fibres, contact of all kinds can cause smells that require an expert refresh.

If you need a rug cleaning service in Ipswich or Colchester you can rely on, we can help. Contact our expert team at the Rug Cleaning Studio and let us rejuvenate your rugs with our nine-step service designed for optimum convenience.


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