How does deep cleaning protect wool rug value?

The creations of skilled artisans, hand-knotted rugs are one-of-a-kind items that can take between three to eight months to weave. As a result, luxury wool rugs can easily be worth thousands of pounds. To protect their investment, owners who display or use their rugs must deep clean them using a professional service.

Thick wool rugs can carry a lot of dust. A vacuum cleaner can lift unwelcome surface dirt, but the fine grains that find their way to the backing of rugs often remain. Over time, the dust builds up below and becomes compacted around the roots of yarns. If you could zoom in on these miniscule particles, you’d find their edges are often sharp and present a hazard to rugs. When a dust-filled rug is under pressure from heavy footfall, the dirt build-up bites into the fibres, shredding them. While it might not be obvious immediately, rugs will begin to look bald and frayed.

Professional deep cleaning extracts all dry matter from rugs and then soaks and rinses rugs in built-for-purpose pools and troughs. When wool rugs are dried and returned home, they are free from all accumulated dust as well as stains and any unpleasant odours they carried.

If you need professional wool rug cleaning in Colchester to protect your investment, we can help. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we frequently care for rugs with values as high as £10,000. Our skilled team have extensive experience and our non-invasive deep cleaning involves no strong chemicals or rough treatment. Reach out to us now to access our first-class service.


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