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How much dust is your Oriental rug hiding?

Oriental rugs are typically tightly woven, which can mean that even when they don’t appear dirty, they can be packed with dust. Although many of these beautiful rugs are made from robust wool, they can be extremely deceptive about carrying dust.

Wool fibre contains pocket-like containers that look a little like fish scales when viewed under a microscope. These pockets can easily trap dirt, dust and other pollutants.

How much hidden dust in in your rug?

Industry experts have uncovered that an Oriental rug can hold as much as a pound of dust per square foot before it ever looks soiled. You might be asking why dust is a problem for rug owners if it doesn’t make your rug look dirty. However, even unseen dirt can be bad for the health of your family and cause lasting harm to your rug. Disturbed dust when rugs are trod upon can cause a whole host of respiratory issues and when left in place, builds up becoming compacted. Dust particles are sharper than they look and bite into fibres when rugs are stepped or sat on, shredding yarns and inflicting damage.

How to remove dust from Oriental rugs

Like other luxury rugs, Oriental rugs need professional cleaning. Experts can ensure that dust is removed using non-invasive methods and traditional techniques that extract unwanted matter without ever harming your rug. At Rug Cleaning Studio, we are specialists in oriental rug cleaning in Ipswich and can provide a professional deep clean that removes all dust. Call us today to book our services.


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