How often do rugs require a professional clean?

Daily vacuuming can help maintain the appearance of luxury rugs. While removing surface dirt regularly can prevent them from looking soiled, other issues may still arise.

Miniscule dust particles can find their way deep into the rug’s yarns where conventional cleaning cannot reach. Over time, this will build, and can shred rug fibres when stepped on. Such accumulation also features dust mites that, when dispersed by traffic or central heating, results in poor air quality and respiratory problems for households. The dust build-up can also make rugs appear faded.

As a result, professional rug cleaning is essential to remove unwanted material. To keep rugs at their best, a deep clean is usually required at least once a year, but this interval may be shortened to once every six months, or extended to three years, depending on the type of rug. In homes where people have allergies or breathing issues, for example, or if there is significant footfall, more frequent cleaning will be necessary, but in houses with little traffic, a professional clean can wait for longer periods.

Other issues require an immediate deep clean and cannot wait for an annual service. For instance, if a rug becomes damp and starts to smell, it can cause lasting damage. The same applies to unwanted odours from pet mess. Stubborn stains can also require professional attention to avoid lasting harm.

At Rug Cleaning Studio, we can be relied on for all your rug cleaning needs. Our nine-step deep clean refreshes rugs effectively, and our anti-bacterial and stain removal treatments are included in every service. Call us today for professional rug cleaning in Ipswich.


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