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How professional rug cleaning can help with pet problems

Sharing your home with four-legged friends like cats and dogs can bring joy to all the family, but it can be tough on rugs. A wide range of issues can arise when pets interact with rugs, including unwanted odours, stains and rug fibres clogged with dander. The good news is that a professional cleaning service can cope with all these problems and refresh your rug, returning it to its original condition.

It is common for untrained kittens and puppies to have accidents on the floor, putting rugs in the line of fire. While quick action can save you from a serious stain, a milder mark might remain. In addition, even once cleaned, the unpleasant odour can linger on when it penetrates the deep fibres of a rug. Pet mess isn’t the only smell to contend with though. Animals secrete natural oils from their bodies when they walk, sit, and lie down on rugs, which can build up over time.

Pet hair is another issue. Thread-thin fur can become wound around rug yarns, which is difficult to remove via a vacuum. Additionally, dirt brought in from outside can become embedded, and the overall look of a rug becomes dull.

Professional rug cleaners use deep cleaning methods that can remove stains and smells effectively, along with any accumulated dirt and dust. Specialised odour and urine contamination treatments are employed that kill the bacteria causing unwanted smells.

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