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How regularly does your luxury wool rug need professional cleaning?

Experts in rug care suggest that wool rugs require a professional clean at least once a year. However, this can vary greatly depending on many factors, including where your rug is placed, how much traffic it experiences, whether you share your home with pets and environmental issues like ventilation and damp.

Why do wool rugs need professional cleaning?

To retain both their value and appearance, luxury rugs made of wool will need a professional clean periodically. Wool is a popular material for weaving high-quality rugs as it is both soft and strong. However, it is also highly absorbent and often produces a thick pile. As a result, it can take on unpleasant odours over time and accumulate unwanted particles that vacuum cleaners can’t reach.

When such debris builds up in rugs, it becomes compressed into a hard layer surrounding the yarns at the very back of the floor covering. Once stepped on during use, this material bites into rug fibres causing damage.

How do professionals clean wool rugs?

Experts understand the needs of luxury wool rugs and have special equipment like washing pools and troughs designed based on traditional cleaning methods that never cause harm. They also use non-chemical cleaning solutions and bacteria-killing treatments that can neutralise unpleasant smells safely. With a knowledge of the absorbent nature of wool, professional cleaners also use effective drying techniques and tools like dehumidification rooms and centrifuges.

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