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How to combat bacteria build-up in large rugs

Luxury large rugs, sometimes called area rugs, are an attractive floor covering, ideal for adding style to open plan and expansive living spaces. However, due to their size, larger rugs aren’t moved and cleaned as often as their smaller counterparts.

Unwieldy due to their dimensions, area rugs also often need furniture to be moved before being lifted. While this means dust and dirt can accumulate, bacteria can also build up, creating an unhealthy home environment.

What bacteria can large rugs contain?

A wide range of harmful bacteria can breed in large rugs, including Salmonella and E. Coli. Rugs in high-traffic areas are among the most vulnerable, especially in homes with pets and where residents don’t remove their outdoor footwear inside. Traces of animal faeces can be trekked across rugs by dogs, cats and people wearing their shoes. In some quantities bacteria can be harmless, but E. coli can cause respiratory issues and even hurt your stomach lining, while a Salmonella infection can lead to fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea.

How professional cleaning can help

Periodic deep cleaning from by a professional rug cleaning service can counter the risks of bacteria breeding in your favourite floor coverings. Multi-step cleaning by experts will include a bacteria-killing treatment which deals with harmful microbes effectively, but never harms the fibres of your rug.

If you need large rug cleaning in Ipswich, you can count on the Rug Cleaning Studio for a full service. This includes collection, off-site nine-step cleaning with an anti-bacteria treatment and safe return and placement of your area rug if required. Contact the Rug Cleaning Studio today to learn more.


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