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How to remove damp smells from luxury rugs

When rugs are kept in rooms without proper ventilation, excess moisture can become a threat. With windows closed for winter and heating in many homes switched on, condensation can quickly form on surfaces and, as it evaporates, finds its way into rugs. Luxury wool rugs are especially at risk as their thick fibres are highly absorbent. When they are continuously subject to moisture and can’t get dry mildew and mould, spores can contaminate them and create unpleasant and damp smells.

Home remedies for removing damp smells

Looking online you’ll find a host of tips and tricks to remove damp from rugs from baking soda and white vinegar to using chemical cleaners that include peroxide. These options cannot be relied on for effective cleaning, and in some cases will cause irreparable damage to your rug. Remember that, unless you’re sure you can dry your rug properly, even simple water-based cleaning will only make the issue worse.

Professional cleaning damp rugs

Expert rug cleaners have the experience, skills and specialist equipment to refresh rugs that smell damp. Deep cleaning with professional processes and products will extract all minute mould spores from fibres; non-harmful, bacteria-killing treatments can remove any unwanted odours to restore that new-rug scent. Perhaps the most valuable tool professional cleaners offer is purpose-built drying equipment. In-house centrifuges and dehumidification rooms ensure that even rugs with a large surface area are completely dry before returning home.

If your rug is giving off an unwanted odour, let us help with professional rug cleaning in Colchester. Get in touch with our team at the Rug Cleaning Studio to book a collection.


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