Nine things you probably didn’t know about dirty rugs

It is obvious that rugs need regular cleaning, but why are dirty rugs so bad? Here are nine things you probably don’t know about dirty rugs that provide compelling evidence of the importance of keeping rugs clean.


1. Dirty rugs can affect your mood


Dirty environments increase stress and anxiety. This can be caused by the allergens in dirty carpets that cause respiratory issues that make you feel uncomfortable. Dirt is negative energy that affects people living in the household. If you are breathing in toxins, you may experience flu-like symptoms and lack of energy. You may not be aware that this is caused by breathing in allergens in the rug.

2. Dirty rugs can cause skin problems

People often walk on carpets in bare feet. Contact between the skin and bacteria in dirty rugs can cause skin rashes. If the bacteria come into contact with cuts and wounds, it can cause serious skin issues.

3. Dirty rugs cost you money

Cleaning rugs regularly prevents wear and tear and damage that reduces the life span of the rug, and this has a financial cost. An excellent quality rug that is kept clean will last a lot longer than a cheaper rug that is rarely cleaned. Quality rugs cost more to buy, but if they last a long time, are a worthwhile investment.

4. A vacuumed rug may still be dirty

To look after a rug, vacuum once or twice a week. However, this may only remove the surface dirt, especially from deep pile rugs. Even high suction vacuums can leave ingrained dirt. Professional rug cleaning services remove all ingrained dirt. Don’t assume that a vacuumed rug is a very clean one.

5. Dirty rugs hide their true colour

Over time as dirt coves a rug the colour of the rug changes, it looks duller and can have a brown tint. This can happen over a long time period, so may not be noticed for a while. If your rug appears duller than when it was new, professional rug cleaning can restore the original colour.

6. Dirty rugs can cause bad odours

If the home smells musty and you don’t know why, a dirty rug may be the cause. If there are pets in the home and they have had accidents, even after cleaning up, the smell can linger, especially in wool rugs.

Bad smelling rugs can also be caused by dampness. There are several reasons why rugs become damp, including spills, wet shoes, floods and leaking houseplant pots. On sunny days, some leave damp rugs outside to dry. However, a rug left out in direct sunlight can shrink.

If you hire a professional rug cleaning service, make sure that you use one that returns the rug dry and ready to use.

A latex-backed rug may still smell, even if it is clean, if the latex has deteriorated and this has caused the smell.

7. Dirty rugs may not look dirty

Not all dirt in rugs is visible. Harmful substances like mould and bacteria may not be detectable, yet they are a health hazard. If you suffer from hay fever like symptoms; sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, or skin rash, cleaning a dirty rug to remove allergens could relieve these symptoms.

8. Dirty rugs attract pests

There are several common pests that love living in dirty rugs, including moths, dust mites and fleas.

Dust mites live off invisible skin particles that humans shed onto rugs every day. They can cause itching and allergic reactions. Female dust mites can lay about 100 eggs a month, which hatch after about two to three months. Rug cleaning will remove these eggs.

Carpet moths love natural fibre rugs. If you see bald patches on the rug, this can be a sign of carpet moths. Moths are difficult to remove. Pest removal companies can get rid of them, not only from rugs, but other places where they live in the home.

9. The best way to clean dirty rugs may not be to do it yourself

After you realize that your rug needs a deep clean, you may be tempted to hire a carpet cleaning machine from your local supermarket, fill it with cleaning solution and let it loose on your rug. Whilst this may be fine for cheap rugs, it is not the best solution for an expensive rug as the harsh machine could damage it.

Use a professional rug cleaning service in Essex that hand cleans rugs. They will inspect and dye-test the rug first, before soaking it in water. They clean the fringes and thoroughly hand wash the rug. The rug is then fully dried before returning.

A premium quality rug adds style and luxury to a room., but requires maintenance, regular vacuuming and the prompt removal of spills. Once or more a year, use professional rug cleaning services who will thoroughly clean the rug and prolong its life.


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