Pet problems rug owners experience

While cats and dogs can make your house feel like a home, they are hard on expensive rugs. While low-cost throws and mats can be easily washed in your machine, a hand-crafted rug made from wool, cotton or silk is not so easy to clean. Below, we run through the main rug issues arising from pets.

Dogs and cats can bring the outdoors indoors on their feet and coat. When they lie down on a rug, dirt, pollen and other particles are transferred to its fibres and filter down to its backing. Over time, this matter becomes compacted and when trodden on, bites into yarns causing damage while releasing dust and allergens into the air.

Loose pet hair is another problem and winds itself around fibres, dulling colours and patterns. When heating is switched on, the dander rises and becomes an irritant to eyes, throats and noses of dwellers. Perhaps the most difficult issue, however, is accidents from young, elderly or badly behaved pets, which can lead to lasting smells and staining.

The good news is pets and rugs can coexist with a professional cleaning service. At Rug Cleaning Studio, our nine-step service includes deep cleaning to remove pet hair and tracked in dirt, but also bacteria-killing and stain removal treatments that can rid your rug of unpleasant odours and marks. We also offer an invisible protective coating, which can defend your rug against pet issues in between professional cleans.

Contact us today and we’ll refresh your rug at our studio and return it ready for use.


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