Properties of Persian rugs

Considered works of art, luxury Persian rugs can complete both traditional and modern living spaces. They can be found in dining areas on floor or act as features on walls, where they can be appreciated at eye-level. Here we look at some of the key characteristics of Persian rugs that make their identity distinctive.

Persian rug construction

Authentic Persian rugs are always hand-knotted by expert weavers. With every knot tied off manually, the craftsmanship of Persian rugs make them both extremely valuable and durable. Their robust design allows them to endure considerable footfall without damage.

Persian rug patterns

A diverse range of patterns are associated with Persian rugs. Floral and geometrical designs are common, but other patterns featured include “Herati”, an enclosed flower with four leaves and “Boteh” ornamented almond shape, better known as Paisley in the Western world.

Persian rug colours

Persian rugs can have different shades of primary colours like red and blue, which often have symbolic meaning. Blue depicts the sky and calmness ,while red represents life and love. Cream and ivory are also commonly used.

Persian rug materials

While cotton is used in the weft and warp of Persian rugs, wool and animal hair from goats and camels is also common. Intricate luxury rugs may also include strong silk in their design.

Whether your Persian rug is a Tabriz, Kashan, Heriz, Gabbeh, Nain or Isfahan, you can rely on the Rug Cleaning Studio for an expert service when it comes to cleaning. For professional Persian rug cleaning in Essex, reach out to us today.


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