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Three actions not to take when tackling a rug stain

If you eat or drink around your rug or let pets enjoy its warmth and comfort, there’s a good chance you might have to deal with a stain at some point.

While the best choice when this happens is always to contact a professional rug cleaner, especially if your rug is valuable, below are some actions you’d be wise to avoid.

Rubbing stains

The first and the worst mistake that most rug owners make when a stain is present is rubbing at it. Rubbing as a rule increases the risk of the stain spreading outwards, but also deeper into the pile of the rug. Blotting is always a better approach and can mitigate stain migration while absorbing any unwanted liquid.

Using chemical cleaners

Chemical-based cleaners can harm the fibres of luxury rugs and, in worst cases, can ruin them completely. Before using a product to tackle a stain, consider how it will react with the rug’s material and the dyes that colour it. Professional rug cleaners never use anything stronger than a mild detergent to clean rugs, and use safe stain treatments only after they have identified what a rug is made of and whether its dyes are stable.

Excessive wetting

When you’re trying to remove a stain, overwetting your rug is an easy error to make. However, many rugs hold on to moisture in their pile and, if they are not dried properly, can suffer from mildew. A form of fungus, mildew can make your rug smell and create an unpleasant atmosphere in your home.

To remove a stubborn stain, contact the Rug Cleaning Studio instead for expert rug cleaning in Colchester.


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