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Three ways to stop your luxury rug getting dirty

Whether you own a Persian, Oriental or Turkish rug, these handwoven creations are timeless artworks that often represent a significant investment.

Luxury rugs can last for decades, but only if they receive adequate care. In this blog, we’ll look at three easy ways you can help prevent your rug from becoming soiled.

1.Rug placement

Consider locating your rug in an area with less footfall. While it might make a great impression on arriving guests, placing your rug at your entrance or in the hall will see it suffer the worst of the dirt from outdoors. Find an area seldom walked on to preserve it.

2. Professional cleaning

Home vacuuming can only remove so much dirt. When dust and other debris settles in the deep fibres of a luxury rug, they can become choked with compacted dirt that is difficult to extract. Professional cleaners use in-depth cleaning methods that reach the backing of the rug and remove it effectively.

3. Preventative treatment

As part of their services, professional rug cleaners can also deploy a protective treatment that can safeguard your luxury rug against spills, stains, and dirt. Rug owners who opt for this service typically find that their rugs stay cleaner for longer and that the times between professional maintenance being required are extended.

Do you need professional rug cleaning in Essex?

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we have created a convenient cleaning service for luxury rugs. We will collect your rug and clean it using a nine-step method featuring tried and tested techniques. Your rug will then be dried and returned to your home.

Reach out to us now to maintain the brilliant condition of your cherished rug.


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