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What are the benefits of deep cleaning your rug?

Routine vacuuming of rugs can manage surface dirt and even inhibit dust build-up, but for floor coverings to stay fresh and remain in excellent condition, a deep clean is advisable.

In this blog, we’re looking at the main benefits of this comprehensive cleaning method, why it is so important for luxury rug owners and how often it should be carried out.

Extending rug life

Luxury rugs often supply greater comfort due to their deeper pile, but this feature can be a threat to their survival if they aren’t properly cared for. The longer fibres of a luxury rug make it harder for conventional cleaning equipment to reach dust that accumulates right at the backing. If dust is allowed to amass, the sharp edges of particles can shred yarns when the rug is trodden on. Deep cleaning ensures all matter is entirely removed, prolonging rug life.

Healthier living

Harmful bacteria can also build-up in rugs. Brought in on outdoor shoes and pet’s paws, matter from outside can contain E. coli and salmonella, which can breed in rugs and become hazardous to health. Dust mites, pollen and other allergens can also fill rugs and are released under pressure or when home heating is switched; this can affect air that households breathe. Deep cleaning can also neutralise odours, from smoke and stale food and drink to pet accidents.

If your luxury rug needs a reset, the Rug Cleaning Studio can handle your deep clean. How often your rug will require a deep clean will depend on where it is placed, how you use it and what it’s made from. Either way, you can call us for Colchester rug cleaning and a first-class customer experience.


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