What are the two most common causes of soiled rugs?

Regardless of how little you use them or the room where they are placed, rugs will always get dirty over time. In this blog, we’ll look at two key factors which typically lead to luxury rugs becoming soiled that requiring a professional clean.


Bar none, heavy traffic is the number one reason why rugs get dirty. Luxury rugs require professional cleaning to prevent wear and tear, so rugs experiencing significant activity are always at risk. Dirt and debris are tracked into homes and across rugs from outside. When it builds up, it becomes compacted by traffic and can cut the fibres when stepped on, harming the rug. Footfall also makes rugs appear faded and uncared for. Professional cleaning reaches into the core of the rug and extracts all unwanted material, reinvigorating their look and feel.


From kids spilling food to pet mess during puppy training, many accidents can befall rugs and lead to stains. However, adults can also be behind accidents, with wine glasses tipped over at parties being a common mishap for rugs to contend with. When allowed to amass, these marks can mar a rug’s appearance. Expert rug cleaning services include stain removal free of charge as part of their comprehensive service, but also bacteria killing treatments, which remove unpleasant odours caused by animal accidents and spilled sustenance.

At Rug Cleaning Studio, we have the experience, equipment and skills to tackle any type of dirt your rug has accumulated. For reliable rug cleaning services in Essex, reach out to us today.


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