What equipment do professional rug cleaners use?

Owners of luxury rugs are advised to book an annual clean from a professional service to keep them in optimal condition and avoid shortening their lifespan. Attempts to care for expensive floor coverings at home or use a standard dry cleaner are often counterproductive and even put rugs at risk. Experts in their field, professional cleaners understand the needs of luxury rugs, but they also have equipment engineered expressly to maintain them.

Rug dusters

Devices designed to remove dry matter from rugs before cleaning commences, rug dusters deliver more than 40,000 harmonic vibrations a minute to luxury rugs separating sediment from their fibres and other unwanted elements.

Rug soaking trough

Instead of damaging pressure jets, soaking troughs are designed for gentle but effective rug care. Rugs are submerged with a mix of water and mild detergent, never strong chemicals.

Rug washing pool

Detergent must be removed fully, and a washing pool performs this role admirably. Softened water flushes rugs safely and efficiently in this equipment that replicates successful techniques used for centuries updated to a modern environment.

Rug centrifuge and drying room

Thick luxury rugs require all moisture removed or they can experience damp issues and mould growth. Centrifuges spin dry even the largest rugs while drying rooms are designed to be dehumidified ensuring rugs are sent home completely dry and ready for use.

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