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What makes professional luxury rug cleaning convenient?

Professional rug cleaning services are well-known for providing a higher calibre of care than standard carpet cleaners. Using in-depth methods and equipment designed to clean the natural materials, many fine rugs are made by professionals using their expertise to obtain ideal results. However, another advantage of using experts is how hassle-free such services can be.

Many luxury rugs are of a considerable size and made with natural fibres like wool. This means they can often be cumbersome to manage and move when attempting cleaning. When rugs accumulate dust and dirt over time, they become even heavier, making the task even more challenging.

Rug cleaning professionals collect your rug and care for it in their studio. Not only does this mean they handle the heavy lifting, but you won’t experience the disruption of having people in your home performing cleaning procedures.

Rug cleaning facilities are kitted out with special equipment which can cope with rugs of any dimensions like rug washing pools, ensuring they are cleaned effectively. Even if you manage to wash your rug at home, finding a place to dry it properly so it doesn’t become damp and ruined is difficult. Professionals have tools for drying like centrifuges and rooms for dehumidification to ensure your rug is ready for immediate use.

At Rug Cleaning Studio, we go above and beyond for our clients. You can select the best time for pick up and collection; we will even move heavy furniture to roll the rug and put it back into place if required.

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