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What should I NOT do when cleaning my rug?

If you love your luxury rug, it’s understandable to panic when an accident occurs. Whether a new pet needs more training, or a guest spills their drink, your instant reaction will likely be to take personal action.

However, many in such situations find that the results of their efforts range from poor (the stain is still there!) to awful (the rug has lasting damage!). Below, you’ll find some common cleaning errors, as well as the best course of action to take.

Vigorous scrubbing

Roughly scrubbing a stain will only force the spilled liquid or food deeper into the fibres of the rug. Additionally, it can untwist the yarns, making them fray and become damaged. While only a temporary measure, blotting can be a better option.

Letting stains dry

A failure to absorb spillages quickly is also a mistake. After a stain has dried, removing it is harder and makes for more time-consuming work.

Using incorrect procedures and products

Attempting to tackle a stain without performing tests is also an error. Some rugs feature dyes that can bleed colour when they are cleaned. They must be treated with a fixative that protects the dyes while rugs are washed. Additionally, using harsh chemical cleaning fluids on rugs can make stains worse or cause harm to the rug’s fibres.

If you have a stain on your rug, the best solution is to enlist the aid of a professional rug cleaning service. If you require wool or silk rug cleaning in Colchester to remove a stubborn stain, contact our team at Rug Cleaning Studio without delay.


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