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Why do Chinese rugs require expert cleaning?

Sometimes called “Chinese Superwash Rugs”, Chinese rugs have been commercially sold since the beginning of the 19th century and distributed to the western world. These modern hand-knotted rugs are usually recognised by their pale palette of pastel blues, pinks and greens and detailed designs of birds and flowers.

Chinese rugs are either hand woven or hand tufted, with the second method of manufacturing mimicking the first. However, both rug types provide thick wool piles which, when properly cared for, can be extremely durable.

While exceptionally attractive, one disadvantage of these elegant wool rugs is that many are treated with a process called a “superwash”. Also referred to as a fine, silk or lustre wash, this technique is designed to give rugs a silkier appearance. However, this process involves the rug’s natural materials being chemically treated, which robs the wool of its natural resistance to stains. As a result, when a spillage of food or drink occurs, it can lead to permanent damage. Additionally, Chinese Rugs feature fringing which can be difficult to clean, causing it to yellow over time.

Specialists in maintaining Chinese rugs carefully test rugs before cleaning begins, then use in-depth cleaning that penetrates all the way to the backing. Stubborn stains are isolated and attended to individually; fringes are detangled and hand-finished by attentive experts.

If you require Oriental rug cleaning in Essex, you can trust our team. Regular professional cleaning can preserve both the detail and pile quality of your rug, so reach out to us today.


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