Why do silk rugs require professional care?

A silk rug is an elegant and luxurious addition to any home’s décor. However, their delicate nature needs special care to preserve their appearance and lifespan.

Unlike rugs crafted from synthetic materials, rugs made with silk use natural silk fibres that can be vulnerable to damage from many factors including heat, moisture, and abrasion caused by cleaning. As a result, using a professional rug cleaning service is always advisable.


Exceptionally delicate, silk rugs can easily become damaged from harsh cleaning chemicals, rough handling and high temperatures. Without proper care, discolouration and breakage can occur. Experts use non-invasive and traditional cleaning methods to gently but effectively clean rugs.

Stain susceptibility

Highly absorbent, silk rugs can soak up spills and stains. Specialist rug cleaners can help remove such stains without making them worse and often add a protective treatment to safeguard them against other accidents.

Colour fading

Silk rugs use natural dyes which can bleed during cleaning. Professional cleaners dye test rugs and apply a fixative which preserves colours while they are cared for avoiding uneven colours and rugs losing their vibrancy.

Moisture vulnerability

Excess moisture is an enemy to silk fibres encouraging mildew growth, weakening yarns and causing shrinkage. Expert cleaners use centrifuges and dehumidification rooms to dry rugs thoroughly, avoiding these issues.

Fine finishing

Rugs made with silk also often feature delicate finishing techniques, which are integral to their structure like fringes and embroidery. Professional rug cleaners attentively hand groom rugs to mitigate any chance of harm.

If you need professional silk rug cleaning in Ipswich, we can help. Reach out to Rug Cleaning Studio today for expert assistance.


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