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Why is dust removal essential for luxury rug health?

Large luxury rugs can accumulate considerable dust over time. Studies show that an 8 x 10-foot rug can hold up to 75lbs of dusts and debris before it even appears dirty to the naked eye. However, even when unseen, this build-up can be damaging to the rug and can cause lasting harm and loss of value. In this blog, we’re looking at why removing dust is so important and the best way to extract it.

The danger of dust

Many luxury rugs are made from wool. While a popular material sought after for its versatility and strength, wool is a porous fibre which absorbs dirt, dust and pollutants from the air. Ultra-fine and sand-like particles accumulate deep within the rug. While miniscule, these are incredibly abrasive and act like sandpaper, inflicting damage on the rug’s yarns when people step on them.

When moisture is included in the mix, this layer of dirt becomes like cement and exaggerates the issue, causing structural harm to the foundation of the rug, which becomes brittle and breaks.

What is the best way to remove dust?

While regular vacuuming can help maintain the loose weave of a rug, professional cleaning is required to rid luxury rugs of excessive dust build-up. Vacuuming typically sucks up surface dirt, but is not effective at removing deep soiling in the tight weave of Persian and Oriental rugs.

As experts in large rug cleaning in Colchester, we vibrate rugs with 40,000 gentle mini harmonic vibrations for a thorough and entirely safe cleaning process. Reach out to us here at Rug Cleaning Studio now for dust removal.


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