Why is placement important for luxury wool rugs?

For obvious reasons, wool is a popular material for making rugs. While it is soft to the touch and versatile, it is also strong and has natural stain resistant properties, making it ideal for crafting expensive products designed for years of use. However, to protect your investment in a wool or part-wool rug, it’s important to consider where you place it in your home.

Avoid excessive moisture

Wool is exceptionally absorbent, which means that areas of humidity can be harmful to them. As a result, rooms that get damp or are difficult to ventilate are not suitable for wool rugs. As they easily retain moisture, rugs can experience mould growth, which can damage them beyond repair. While dehumidifiers can help, a better choice is to simply keep wool rugs out of such rooms.

Be wary of direct sunlight

Strong sunlight can also impact the colours in your rug. When they are placed under direct rays for extended period of times, their natural dyes can begin to fade, ruining their aesthetic appeal. If you must keep your rug in a sunlit room, invest in thick drapes and keep them shut when sunlight shines right into the room.

Watch out for exits and entrances

Obviously, placing rugs in areas of high footfall will result in greater dust accumulation. The deep fibres of wool rugs can become choked with dust and debris over time, but professional cleaning can help.

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we use traditional and low-impact cleaning techniques and equipment designed especially for wool rugs. For expert wool rug cleaning in Essex, call us today.


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