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Gabbeh rug cleaning

Renowned for their simplicity and striking looks, Gabbeh rugs are a type of Persian rug often featuring abstract designs.

Featuring a course weave, Gabbeh rugs are hand-knotted by artisans and, due to the painstaking work involved in their creation, are considered sought-after artworks by experts and resident of high-end homes.

The resilient wool that these luxury rugs are made with means that periodic professional cleaning is a must if owners wish to preserve them for posterity.

Why is expert cleaning key for Gabbeh rugs?

The origins of Gabbeh rugs lies with a nomadic tribe of shepherds in Iran, called the Qashqai. As a result, these stunning rugs were, and still are today, fashioned from thick, soft wool, and often use natural plant-based dyes to create their colours.

Household vacuum cleaners can remove surface dirt from floor coverings, but may struggle with the deep pile of Gabbeh rugs. As they can’t reach the deeper debris, dust amasses over time, choking the fibres of the rug. Worse still, dust particles often have sharp edges that eat into yarns when pressure is applied, such as people sitting, standing or walking on them.

Natural dyes used in Gabbeh rugs can also migrate during cleaning, causing colour bleed if they aren’t protected.

Experts in rug care have created effective ways of ensuring rugs are deep cleaned while never losing their attractive appearance.

What does professional Gabbeh rug cleaning involve?

When caring for Gabbeh rugs, professional cleaners perform a dye test to check for unstable colours. If determined necessary, a dye fix is applied that keeps colours in place during cleaning.

Rather than using a vacuum cleaner, experts let rugs undergo harmonic vibrations that safely remove deep dry soiling like dust, pet hair and other debris. Gabbeh rugs are then plunged into soaking troughs and washed with mild detergent before being rinsed in a washing pool.

Other stages include hand-grooming, stain removal and odour treatments, as well as comprehensive drying.

Do you need professional care for your Gabbeh rug?

Whether your Gabbeh rug is heavy with dust or suffering from a stain, you can depend on us. Contact our team at the Rug Cleaning Studio today for a first-class service.

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