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With a 2,500-year-old legacy, Oriental rugs were originally crafted as practical floor coverings for nomadic tribesman protecting them from damp and cold. Today they are coveted as artworks prized for the skilled weavers who create them and their exceptional aesthetics. Oriental rugs are recognised and respected for their richness of colour, quality of design and artistic patterns and are woven from wool, cotton, and silk.

Geographically, these luxury rugs are manufactured in the “Rug Belt”, an area which extends from Morocco and across North Africa over the Middle East, and into Northern India and Central Asia. The belt includes countries like Iran, northern China, Turkey, and Tibet, but also India and Pakistan, to name but a few.

While modern machine-made carpets can still be beautiful, many homeowners prize the workmanship of luxury oriental rugs and consider them a sound investment. Weavers of Oriental rugs impart their extraordinary skills to each new generation and because they are hand-made, every rug represents an utterly unique item.

While enhancing the appearance of any room they adorn, as financial assets, Oriental rugs keep and increase in value providing they are correctly cared for. To protect your investment in an Oriental rug and ensure it always looks its best, professional cleaning by experts who understand the individual needs of these artworks is essential. Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, we are well-versed in Oriental rugs and can offer you an in-depth service supplied stress-free.

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Why does your Oriental rug require a professional clean?

More than a floor covering, an Oriental rug is considered a work of art. Lovingly woven by hand on traditional looms, Oriental rugs are made using a wide range of natural materials which vary depending on their country of origin. Wools from sheep, goats, camels along with hair from yak and horse are known materials which are combined with cotton and silk. For colour, vegetable dyes rather than synthetic solutions are used.

While these well-chosen materials are robust and reliable, to maintain their appearance and ensure they can provide many years of use for later generations to enjoy, appropriate maintenance is vital.

The wool yarns of Oriental rugs are highly absorbent which means they can soak up moisture from spills and damp. Left unchecked, this can cause rot and ruin them. These rugs from the East can also accumulate dust, dirt, and debris over extended use, which gets pushed deep down, right to the root of the pile. Conventional vacuuming can’t always reach this build-up. While this has the unwanted impact of making rugs lose their lustre, it can also be incredibly destructive. As dirt and dust becomes compacted it can cut into rug fibres when steeped on shredding yarns.

Cleaning techniques and products are also a concern when caring for Oriental rugs. Harsh chemical cleaning fluids can harm Oriental rugs, but even conventional cleaning products may cause the natural dyes used to bleed.

How do professionals carry out Oriental rug cleaning?

Our dedicated team understand all rugs have their own unique needs and require the right cleaning methods to yield the right results. We are experienced in cleaning Oriental rugs and can provide a complete service for rugs that have values of up to £10,000.

We have developed a VIP treatment designed for Oriental rugs, guaranteeing they return to you clean, fresh, clean and entirely free of unpleasant odours. Our comprehensive and considerate cleaning approach has nine steps that ensure your investment in a luxury rug is well taken care of.

Your Oriental rug will be inspected and identified, with a dye test performed. If required, we’ll apply a dye fix preventing any colour migration during cleaning. We’ll then remove any dry soiling with gentle harmonic vibrations before soaking it in a warm water-mild detergent mix. We don’t use powerful jet cleaning or any chemical treatments, favouring traditional cleaning methods in a modern and controlled setting.

If your rug has fringes, these will be attended to by hand before your Oriental rug is submerged in bespoke washing pool which rinses out detergents with softened water. Luxury rug experts agree that this is always the safest way to care for wool and silk Oriental rugs.

Your Oriental rug will be treated with a bacteria-killing solution and if any stains exist, each will be removed individually. After hand-grooming, we can apply a stain resistant treatment upon request.

Finally, the wet rug is spin dried using our specially designed centrifuge and left to dry fully in our drying room. Your Oriental rug will then be delivered to your home where it will be ready for you to use right away.

When you need a professional Oriental rug cleaning service, we’re always here to help. Whether you’re a rug owner in Cambridge, Essex, Newmarket, or Suffolk, get in touch with us today at the Rug Cleaning Studio.

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