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Persian Rug Cleaning Ipswich

As handwoven masterpieces, Persian rugs are coveted for their visual appeal and high-quality craftmanship.

Floor coverings made mainly in modern Iran, they are hand-knotted by skilled weavers and because each artisan is unique, so are the Persian rugs they produce. As a result, they can hold values of up to £10,000 and sometimes more.

Whether these luxury rugs are purchased as part of a collection, as an heirloom or used to add character and charm to well-appointed homes, they require careful maintenance. Services specialising in Persian rug cleaning in Ipswich and other parts of Suffolk can help rugs retain both their value and visual appeal while keeping them safe from harm.

Why professional cleaning is necessary for Persian rugs

Unlike many machine-made rugs, Persian rugs often include natural materials. For example, they may include wool and silk and use vegetable dyes for colour.

In the hands of an expert weaver, these materials become artworks with intricate designs and motifs featuring rich hues. However, if cared for improperly, they can soon lose their aesthetic appeal.

Natural dyes can be exceptionally unstable, leading to colour loss during cleaning, while strong chemicals and rough handling can damage silk and wool fibres.

While vacuum cleaning can remove the top layer of soiling from a Persian rug, they rarely penetrate far enough to extract accumulated dust. The thick pile of Persian rugs can see them amass considerable amounts of unwanted matter over time. Minuscule particles build up at the rug’s backing and become compacted around the base of each fibre. Together, the matter becomes a hard solid mass that grinds against the yarns when a rug is trodden, thereby shredding them.

Expert care for Persian rugs in Ipswich

At our dedicated studio, we are well equipped to clean Persian rugs. Our experienced team understand the specific needs of these elegant rugs, and we offer a 9-step cleaning process to answer them.

Our studio is kitted out with carefully designed equipment that allows us to gently but effectively clean Persian rugs without ever harming them.

From miniature harmonic vibrations to remove dry soiling, to washing troughs where rugs can be fully submerged for a deeper clean, we have devised solutions that update traditional cleaning methods that have been used for centuries in a modern setting.

If your Persian rug requires professional care from a service covering the Ipswich area, you can count on us. Call us now at the Rug Cleaning Studio for a comprehensive service.

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