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Renowned for their beauty and quality craftsmanship, Persian rugs are hand-woven and have been revered by amateur enthusiasts and experts in antiquities alike for ages. The history of these rugs can be traced to the ancient kingdom of Persia, which today is known better as Iran. For over 2,500 years, Persian rugs and their makers have continued to be respected assets to both Iranian society and culture, with the modern rug making industry still playing an important role in the nation and finding appreciation all around the world.

Many interested buyers question whether the cost of a new or antique Persian rug can truly be justified. However, there are multiple benefits to selecting a hand-woven Persian rug instead of a modern machine-made carpet. Lovingly and painstakingly woven by hand, these outstanding rugs stand as a testament to the creativity and artistry of their crafters. Weaving skills are passed down through generations and just as every weaver is different, each Persian rug created is unique, making no two identical.

As a result, Persian rugs can represent a financial asset which can retain and even increase in value over time. However, to ensure Persian rugs are safeguarded against long-term damage and always looking and feeling perfect, professional cleaning by experts who understand their needs is critical. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we offer a specialist in-depth service when you require Persian rug cleaning.

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Why do Persian rugs need professional cleaning?

Persian rugs are not simply floor coverings, but considered works of art. Loved for their interesting designs and rich colours, Persian rugs are crafted from all-natural silks, wools, and vegetable dyes, instead of the synthetic materials used to make many modern rugs. Their rare beauty, and the effect they can have on a home, can never be overstated. Due to their painstaking craftsmanship, these luxury rugs are highly regarded for durability and quality. Despite these attributes, correct care is still essential for Persian rugs to be appreciated by future generations.

The wool tarns of Persian rugs can accumulate dirt, dust and other debris over time, which can become driven in deep, right to the backing. When vacuuming fails to remove this unwanted matter it can make rug colours appear dull and lifeless, but worse, the debris can be further ground into the rug fibres, cutting them and causing permanent damage.

Not only is deeper cleaning required, but the techniques and products used to clean rugs require a professional approach. Using strong chemicals can harm Persian rugs, but even standard cleaning solutions can cause their natural dyes to bleed. Persian rugs also often include fringes, which are an integral part of the rug and if they are damaged by improper methods can lead to unravelling of yarns. Fringes can also become tangled over time and yellow when clogged with dust, Fortunately, professional cleaners understand how to care for these coveted rugs.

What does professional Persian rug cleaning involve?

Our experienced team understand that not all rugs are the same and each one will require specific kinds of cleaning. We are well-versed in cleaning Persian rugs and can provide a comprehensive service for rugs with values often exceeding £10,000.

Over the years we have designed a VIP treatment for Persian rugs, which can leave them fresh, clean, and completely free from any unwanted odours. Our in-depth but considerate nine-step cleaning method is designed to cause no damage to your rug and protect your investment.

Your Persian rug is inspected, and a dye test is performed. We then apply a dye fix to stop any colour bleed while we clean. We then remove dry soiling using harmonic vibrations and soak it in warm water mixed with mild detergent. We never use power jet cleaning or chemical treatments, but instead employ traditional cleaning techniques in a controlled modern setting.

Next our attentive team take care of the Persian rug fringes by hand before the rug is submerged in our rug washing pool to rinse out any detergents using softened water. Experts agree that this is ultimately the safest way to clean Persian rugs made with natural wool and silk.

Your rug is next treated with a special bacteria-killing product which never harms their pile. If it has stains present, we will treat each one-by-one as part of our service. The Persian rug is the hand-groomed by our team and you will have the option to add a stain resistant treatment which can extend the time between professional cleaning appointments.

Next the rug is spin dried in our onsite centrifuge and then placed in our dedicated drying room for humidification. Once dry we will deliver your Persian rug back home where you can return it to its rightful place.

If you are looking for an expert Persian rug cleaning service, we can help. At Rug Cleaning Studio we serve Persian rug owners in Cambridge, Newmarket, Essex and Suffolk with specialist care and a stress-free service. Reach out to us today to arrange for us to collect your Persian rug for cleaning.

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