A cathedral city in East Cambridgeshire, Ely is 14 miles from Cambridge and 80 miles from the capital.

While it enjoys excellent connections to the wider UK, Ely also offers residents rich heritage and picturesque landscapes, drawing many prospective home buyers to the area. While one of the UK’s smallest cities, Ely has many coveted addresses with well-appointed homes of considerable value located in place like Egremont Street, Prickwillow Road and The Hamlet, Chettisham, to name a few.

When selecting décor for the interior of impeccable residences, many owners opt for luxury rugs. Often hand-crafted and made with natural materials, Chinese, Turkish, Persian and Oriental rugs can add charm, character and elegance to rooms, but require specialist cleaning periodically.

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we have earned a reputation for the skilful way in which we care for rugs in Cambridgeshire and beyond, making us an excellent choice for expert rug cleaning in Ely.

Professional rug cleaning made easy

We understand that luxury rugs are often prized possessions, and the chance of harm during cleaning can be a concern.

We have devised an approach to cleaning that is designed to be stress-free for owners with non-invasive, considerate methods used that involve no harsh chemicals. We favour traditional techniques and expertly developed equipment that have been used to clean expensive rugs for thousands of years, but in a contemporary and controlled environment. We also hand groom rugs for a more personal and attentive touch.

Large luxury rugs can be heavy, but even more weighty when filled with dust. Often positioned under furniture, rugs are not always easy to move, let alone clean in a home environment. To solve such issues and avoid any difficulty or disruption for our customers, we collect and clean rugs at our specially designed studio staffed by skilled rug cleaners, fitted with devices engineered to clean rugs effectively and safely.

If your rug has been placed under furniture, are staff can move it when collecting, and return rugs to their pride of place when we bring them back fresh.

A passion for rugs and their care

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we are enthusiasts as well as cleaners, and understand all types of luxury rugs and their individual needs.

We have devised a comprehensive service that provides deep cleaning for expensive rugs with values as high as £10,000, and can be counted on to revitalise rugs made of both natural and man-made fibres. Whether you need rug cleaning in Ely for a classic shag pile rug, a modern viscose rug or a beloved Persian or Chinese rug, you can rely on our nine-step method.

How we clean your rug

Over time, we have developed a rug cleaning system that gets results.

We begin by inspecting your rug and conducting a dye test. Luxury rugs often use natural dyes that can sometimes migrate during cleaning. In such circumstances, we will apply a special dye fix that mitigates any movement and loss of colour.

The next step it to remove any dry soiling so it isn’t worked further into the rug during cleaning. We do not use invasive vacuum cleaning but instead employ tens of thousands of miniature harmonic vibrations to separate any dust, dry dirt, and other debris from your rug’s fibres.

Now, your rug is soaked in our built-for-purpose rug washing trough with a mild detergent. Ideal for luxury rugs made from wool, silk, and other natural materials, this process involves no chemical cleaning fluids or fierce jets that could cause harm. We will also rinse the rug, but first we must attend to its fringes if present.

Rug fringes are an integral part of many luxury rugs, and part of their construction. As a result, any damage can ruin the integrity of the rug. Our expert team meticulously separate and hand groom your rug’s fringes, restoring them to their original state with no tangles left.

Your rug is now submerged in our rug washing pool, and all detergent is flushed from its fibres. Our pool replicates traditional rug cleaning processes that have proven to be effective for thousands of years.

If your rug has any stains, these will be handled one-by one in turn, and then a bacterial treatment will be applied to neutralise any unpleasant odours. If you wish, we can also add an invisible anti-stain treatment that can help protect your rug from stains, and extend cleaning intervals to reduce your maintenance costs.

Finally, your rug will be thoroughly dried in the centrifuge at our studio before being placed in the dehumidified drying room. At a time and date that suits you, we will then return your rug home fresh, dry and ready to use again.

For expert rug cleaning in Ely that you can rely on, reach out to the Rug Cleaning Studio today.