Rug Cleaning in Brentwood

Among the most upmarket locations in Essex, Brentwood is a busy suburban town with excellent logistics. A former Roman Road, its High Street connects London and East Anglia making it a coveted destination for commuters. Its built-up area is surrounded by idyllic countryside providing the space for large and high-quality housing.

Homeowners in locations like Mount Crescent, among others often decorate their spacious properties with luxury rugs. From prized Persian rugs that act as decorative talking points to large area rugs which warm room, high-end floor coverings serve many purposes. However, to retain their value and visual appeal, such rugs require care and attention and professional rug cleaning in Brentwood is the answer.

Why use professional rug cleaners in Brentwood?

Brentwood property owners with fine rugs recognise that an Oriental, Persian or Chinese rug can be a sizeable investment. Classed as artworks and assets, these premium floor coverings are hand-woven making them one of a kind and the effort involved in their construction is reflected in their price.

Daily care like vacuuming dry soiling can assist with preserving the condition of a luxury rug, but home methods have their limitations. Professional cleaners can perform a deeper clean that ensure that all unwanted matter is extracted from a rug’s fibres, even when it has become compacted at the backing.

Dirt left unchecked in a rug gets compressed overtime and the sharp edges of particles become a threat. When a dust clogged rug is trodden on, the debris bites into the yarns harming the rug.

Experts in rug cleaning for Brentwood residents

Different luxury rugs have specific needs from PH sensitive viscose rugs to the porous and absorbent nature of wool rugs. As a result, rugs must be inspected by experts and cleaned using non-invasive methods and equipment that never harm their fibres. We have developed a nine-step cleaning system that has been honed to sensitively but effectively clean high-value rugs.

Our considered approach includes techniques and equipment which replicates traditional rug cleaning in a controlled environment and guarantees rugs return cleaner and smelling fresher.

With decades of experience and dependable skills, we have earned a reputation for excellence in East Anglia and Cambridge. We have now expanded our services to parts of Essex like Brentwood allowing luxury rug owners in town to access our assistance. Reach out to us today at the Rug Cleaning Studio to find out more.

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