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Known simply as “Bury” by its residents, the cathedral town of Bury St Edmunds is located in Suffolk. With easy access to good private and state schools, and key urban areas like Norwich and Ipswich where a London connection can be found, it is a popular location for homebuyers. Both in town and in its surrounding villages, Bury St Edmunds offers homeowners a chance to enjoy larger detached properties, with both modern and older buildings available. Coveted sites include villages like Great Barton and Woolpit, as well as streets in the middle of town.

When making a home, many residents of such properties select to lay or hang luxury rugs, adding style and comfort simultaneously. From Chinese super wash rugs to Persian and Oriental rugs, there are a wide range of rug types made from hardwearing but soft-to-the touch yarns, such as silk or fine wool.

Norman Tower in Bury St Edmunds

Luxury rugs can really raise the appearance of a room and are lovingly designed for years of use. However, to protect such a sizeable investment, these rugs require a professional cleaning service. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, you can count on us for expertise and a stress-free experience for rug cleaning in Bury St Edmunds.

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We provide deep cleaning for all varieties of luxury rugs

Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, we have the skills to provide a professional deep cleaning service for high-priced rugs of fine quality with a value of up to £10,000. Our team have an in-depth understanding of the various types of luxury rugs available, and the specific kind of care their all-natural materials require. As a result, we are proud to provide a tailored service specifically suited to any luxury rug type imaginable.

The materials used to weave a rug must always be considered. For instance, we clean many wool rugs, but these rugs require special products and processes for cleaning that never harm their yarns. Rugs with silk elements have been produced, and even modern incarnations woven today need careful and sensitive cleaning, as well as hand grooming to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

Both Chinese and Persian rugs are renowned for being lustrous. However, this is because of their deep pile, which can accumulate a great deal of dust over time. Without professional cleaning, this build-up can make them appear faded and lacking in detail. Fringed rugs can also suffer from insufficient care, becoming yellowed and tangled.

Luxury rugs do not need to be older to require care. For example, beautiful modern rugs made from viscose are pH sensitive. They must be treated to an acidic wash prior to deep cleaning, or they can become stained by water.

Our method of luxury rug cleaning

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we pride ourselves on our in-depth cleaning service for high value rugs. Our meticulous cleaning process is comprehensive and has nine individual steps to ensure your rug returns to you clean and fresh, with no unwanted stains or odours. To avoid disruption to your day, cleaning is carried out at our studio using specialist equipment we have designed to compassionately clean luxury rugs.

Our method starts with a rug inspection and dye test. We’ll add a dye fixative if required, which stops dyes migrating during cleaning. To remove any dry soiling without harming your rug, we then apply 40,000 mini-harmonic vibrations. Now, the rug is ready to be soaked. We use a specially engineered rug trough filled with water and a mild detergent mix. Our well-considered process includes no harsh chemicals or powerful water jets.

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At this point, we then attend to the rugs’ fringes. In many luxury rugs, the fringes are an integral element of their structure. As a result, they need just as much care, and receive a hand-grooming. The rug is now submerged within our dedicated washing pool with fresh soft water to relieve it if all detergents. Our pool imitates successful traditional cleaning techniques, but uses a contemporary and controlled cleaning environment, making it the safest washing method for wool rugs.

An anti-bacterial treatment rids the rug of any ill effects from pet urine or other unwanted odours from spills or damp. If your rug has a stain, we will tackle it as part of the process. Attentive hand-grooming is the next stage, and if you request it, we can add a protective stain resistant treatment to safeguard your rug in between professional cleaning intervals.

We will then dry your rug thoroughly, first in our centrifuge and then in our dehumidified drying room. After it is dry, we will return your rug to you, and even put it back into its original place.

Do you need rug cleaning in Bury St Edmunds? Ask our experts

Here at Rug Cleaning Studio, our knowledge and expertise has seen our team become a top-rated service in the East Anglia area. We have now expanded our coverage to include Suffolk, allowing us to help luxury rug owners in Bury St Edmunds. Reach out to us today for a first-class service.

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