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A university city on the River Cam, Cambridge is just 55 miles from London, making it a sought-after location for homebuyers in the UK. The county town of Cambridgeshire has an abundance of affluent neighbourhoods including Shannons Town West, Avon Hill, Riverside, and Central Square. Homes in postcodes like CB3 have recorded values of over a million pounds, and those who own such well-appointed properties seek out equally luxury décor to match.

Fine-quality rugs are popular products for wealthy addresses in Cambridge and can represent thousands of pounds worth of investment. However, to protect their value and appearance, professional rug cleaning in Cambridge is essential. Unlike conventional carpeting luxury rugs like Persian, Oriental among other styles require experts to care for them who understand the specific needs of hand-crafted products and the materials they are made of.

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If you need rug cleaning in Cambridge, you can count on our specialist service. At Rug Cleaning Studio, we have the experience, equipment, and skills to refresh your rug and help ensure it remains an asset to your property.

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What kind of rugs do we clean?

As specialists in rug cleaning, we understand different rugs require specific treatments to get the best results possible and ensure that they are never harmed. Thick luxury rugs like shag pile are made from synthetic or wool fibres but, due to their depth, can be difficult to clean with home equipment. Wool rugs can be modern tufted products or traditionally handwoven, but all require professional care which includes suitable products and procedures especially designed for their fibres. Silk is another luxury material which rugs are made from and while it is exceptionally strong, it must be cleaned carefully and considerately with additional grooming.

Expensive rug types from overseas are also within our remit, including Persian, Turkish, Chinese Superwash, and Oriental. Some rugs, such as Persian, have a multitude of substyles with which we are familiar, including Tabriz, Kashan, Gabba, Isfahan, Heriz and Nain, allowing us to serve their individual needs with bespoke cleaning measures. We also clean flat weave Kilim rugs and know how to preserve their colours during cleaning, and have experience of modern luxury rug materials such as pH-sensitive viscose, sometimes referred to as “Art Silk”.

How do we clean rugs?

Our cleaning approach has nine individual steps and employs trusted techniques and specialist equipment in a controlled environment at our studio. Once our process is complete, rugs are returned clean, fresh, and odour and stain free. Customers can also opt for their rug to undergo protective treatments to prolong time between professional cleanings.

Your rug will first be examined before being efficiently dye tested. Should it be necessary, we’ll apply a special fixative that prevents dye bleed while cleaning takes place. Next, the rug will be subject to mini harmonic vibrations to remove any dry soiling like dirt, dust, and other debris. With this stage complete, the rug is then soaked in a dedicated rug trough filled with water mixed with a mild detergent. To prevent any damage, we never use chemical products or powerful jet washing.

If the rug features fringes, these are washed and then groomed by hand before the whole rug is submerged in the rug washing pool where all detergent is rinsed out. Our purpose-built pool is engineered to replicate traditional cleaning processes performed for centuries, but in a modern setting to protect your rug from any risk of harm. This cleaning method is recognised as the safest solution for wool rugs.

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To extract unpleasant odours or contamination from pet mess, we will treat your rug with a bacteria-killing product that does not impact its pile. If the rug has a persistent stain, we will attend to it individually with no extra expense. Next, we attentively hand-groom the rug and can even add a stain resistant treatment if you wish.

Finally, your rug will be dried inside our studio centrifuge before it is placed inside the dehumidified drying room. When the rug is completely dry, it will be delivered directly to your home so you can return it to its pride of place.

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Your best choice for professional rug cleaning in Cambridge

Operating since the early 1990s, the Rug Cleaning Studio is a family-run business with a passion for luxury rugs. With experience caring for rugs with a value of up to £10,000, we can be relied upon to deliver a specialist cleaning service that never harms your investment. Our convenient service is designed to deliver in-depth cleaning with no disruption to your day. Your rug will be cleaned off site at our studio and returned to you clean and dry, ready for you to use.

For comprehensive rug cleaning in Cambridge, or to find out more about the services we offer, reach out to us today at the Rug Cleaning Studio.

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