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An affluent town in Essex, Chigwell is considered part of London’s Metropolitan area. It is well known for its celebrity residents, which include Premiership footballers and Lord Alan Sugar, but also its large suburban houses. These luxury properties can be found in numerous locations around town including Luxborough Lane, Manor Road, Chigwell High Road, and Hainault Road.

Large houses with stone and timber flooring often use luxury rugs made with equally natural materials to add warmth and charm. Valuable rugs like Persian and Turkish rugs are woven from wool, silk and cotton, and while these materials are robust, proper care is necessary to keep them looking top-notch. As a result, experts in rug cleaning in Chigwell can be an asset to owners.

What makes luxury rugs lose appeal?

Expensive and ornate rugs often feature intricate designs and vibrant colours, but daily dust that builds up over time can impact their presentations. Patterns become less defined, and the hues of rugs begin to look faded or washed out. While home vacuum cleaners can support a rug’s wellbeing, they are typically only effective at removing surface dirt.

The natural materials of rugs can also absorb spills, accidents and stains, and acquire unpleasant odours over time. Attempts to clean such incidents and remove smells can sometimes make matters worse. Luxury rugs struggle with excess moisture, and if improperly washed and dried this can lead to mildew issues that ruin rugs and create a damp smell.

Professional rug cleaners use comprehensive methods that ensure all unwanted smells and stains are removed, and can even offer protective treatments that safeguard rugs against accidents.

Professional rug cleaning in Chigwell

Serving the needs of rug owners in Chigwell and other parts of Essex, we have devised a VIP service for fine floor coverings. Regularly caring for rugs with a value of up to £10,000, we use tried and tested methods that ensure rugs are deep cleaned and completely dried. As a result, they are returned to your home refreshed and ready for use.

We pride ourselves on both our experience and attention to detail with hand grooming included in our nine-step process. When rugs are suffering from stubborn stains, each will be attended to individually for effective removal. No harsh chemicals are used in cleaning to ensure no harm occurs to your rug.

Get in touch with us at the Rug Cleaning Studio – your go-to-solution for rug care in Chigwell.

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