Rug Cleaning in Essex

One of the UK’s home counties, Essex has three key cities – Colchester, Chelmsford, and Southend – but it also offers an abundance of smaller towns and villages within its borders where many people have chosen to make their home. From Ingatestone and Chigwell, to Buckhurst Hill and Woodford Green, the county of Essex has many affluent neighbourhoods, with well-appointed homes commanding considerable prices on the property market.

When designing the interior of a luxury residence, many homeowners in Essex choose to hang or lay luxury rugs within their rooms. Chinese, Persian and Turkish rugs are all popular options, and are typically crafted from robust but soft materials ranging from silk and cotton to fine wool. To look their best and preserve the considerable investment that they represent, rugs of high quality require expert cleaning.

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we supply a stress-free service when you need expert rug cleaning in Essex.

Why do luxury rugs in Essex need expert cleaning?

Regular vacuuming with a suitable attachment can help limit dust build-up in luxury rugs, but there is no substitute for a professional clean.

Vacuum cleaners are effective at removing surface level dirt, but often fail to reach the rug’s backing, where dust, pet dander and other unwanted material can accumulate.

When dust levels increase, a rug with a pattern can experience a loss of definition, and its colours can become lacklustre. However, when dust is allowed to amass over a long period of time, it can lead to serious rug damage. When dust becomes compacted, it becomes a solid mass around the foundations of the rug’s fibres.

While these particles are often microscopic, they have hard, often sharp, edges. As a result, when a dust-filled rug is stepped on or sat on, the accumulated debris is compressed and cuts into the rug yarns, causing damage ranging from wear to shredding. In time, rugs begin to look threadbare, ruining their look and feel.

Another threat to rugs is moisture. Rooms that experience damp can see the thick fibres of luxury rugs absorb excess moisture present, leading to a range of issues including mould-build-up and mildew. Rugs begin to smell unpleasant, and can release spores into the atmosphere, causing allergies and irritation.

Rooms don’t even need to be damp for such issues to arise. Attempts at home cleaning with improper drying facilities can leave rugs at risk of becoming negatively impacted by moisture.

Damp isn’t the only smell that luxury rugs take on. Homes with animal family members will find their rugs can absorb the odours of pets, but must also contend with accidents involving urine, faeces and vomit. Such pet mess involves bacteria, which can cause obnoxious smells that are exceptionally difficult to eliminate without professional products and processes.

Animals aren’t the only members of a household that can have an accident. Spilled food and drink are among the most common issues that services for luxury rug cleaning in Essex must manage. Attempts at dealing with a stain at home can often lead to a more serious issue when improperly performed, and can make it harder for even an expert cleaner to resolve. When an accident occurs, the best option is always to leave the task to a professional.

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A rug can hold up to four times its own weight in dirt. As a result, when luxury rugs become filled with dust and other debris, they can become exceptionally heavy. The larger the rug, the more cumbersome it becomes to wield. This can make effective cleaning at home impossible, and is a key reason why it’s best to call on the service of a professional.

Dry matter must be removed from rugs before they can be washed, and for deep cleaning, submersion is required. Luxury rugs typically only need a mild detergent to clean them, but if it isn’t rinsed out properly, the rug’s fibres can lose their softness, and feel coarse and stiff to the touch. Furthermore, yarns coated in even a fine film of detergent can attract more dust, as particles cling more closely to them. As touched upon earlier, drying rugs is also difficult to do at home, and can lead to damage when handled inadequately.

Most homes are not equipped to perform these tasks efficiently, but professional services have specially designed apparatus and the space required to clean and dry rugs properly. Instead of cleaning rugs in the homes of our clients, we pick up the rugs and take them to our dedicated studio for care. With an understanding that rugs are often large, heavy and placed under furniture, our personnel are happy to handle such jobs not just on collection, but also when we return rugs home, putting them safely back into place.

Professional rug cleaning and your health

While rug health is a key reason for professional cleaning, and can preserve their lifespan for posterity, the wellbeing of your household can also benefit from an expert service.

Routine vacuuming and quick action can deal with surface dirt and minor spills. However, when dust builds up and stains aren’t dealt with sufficiently, dirty rugs can create an unpleasant atmosphere often first noticed by our noses.

Dirty rugs can also be harmful to your health. A dust-filled rug that is disturbed when it is stepped on can send hundreds of irritants like pollen, dust and dust mites into the air. This can lead to itchiness on exposed skin like faces, hands and feet, but can also affect the respiratory systems of residents. It can make throats scratchy and sore, eyes red and watery, and noses run. However, in more serious cases, it can lead to laboured breathing, coughs and sneezes, and even worsen existing allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma.

The convection heat of radiator-based heating systems can also drive unwanted particles into the air when they are used during the colder months of the year. Such seasons also see rug owners keep their windows shut, and the combination of factors can create poor air quality, with the same conditions listed above often following.

Household pets can also get allergic reactions from dirty rugs. Animals like dogs and cats often experience allergies through their skin. Itchiness and rashes can lead them to scratch, creating lesions in their skin, and cuts can become infected. This can result in pets feeling unwell, and expensive vet bills to remedy their ailments.

Deep professional cleaning is designed to keep rugs fresh and free from dust, promoting better health and wellbeing for your household.

Which kinds of rugs can we clean?

Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, we specialise in providing professional in-depth cleaning for expensive rugs for the home worth up to as much as £10,000. With an in-depth understanding of different luxury rugs and the materials they are made from, we can offer a tailored service to care for any type of rug imaginable.

The material they are made from is always an important consideration when cleaning rugs. Wool rugs are among the most common types of luxury rugs that need professional care. Although wool is known for its strength and durability, wool-friendly cleaning products and processes are still necessary to avoid harming the yarns. Silk rugs have been woven for thousands of years, but even their modern descendants made today require careful and gentle cleaning and extra grooming to keep them in perfect condition.

Persian and Chinese rugs are both lustrous by design, but possess a deeper pile than many other types of rugs. For this reason, without in-depth professional cleaning, over time they can become filled with dust and eventually lose their detail, with colours appearing faded. Without sufficient care, the fringes they feature can also become tangled and untidy.

Flat weave rugs don’t accumulate as much dust as deep pile rugs, but have their own special care requirements. Kilims, for example, use natural vegetable dyes, which can be unstable and migrate during cleaning. A specially designed dye stabilisation product must be applied prior to washing and rinsing to preserve rug colours.

Ancient styles of rug aren’t the only luxury rugs that need expert care. Expensive modern rugs require equal attention. Viscose rugs, for example, require specialist cleaning because of their pH sensitivity. As a result, even cleaning them with simple tap water can lead to brown stains. To protect them during care, viscose rugs often require a pre-cleaning treatment of an acidic wash to safeguard them during their service against unwanted marks that harm their appearance.

Other modern rugs with a thick and lush pile, like shag pile, can be manufactured from synthetic or natural wool fibres. Due to their deeper pile, these rugs typically need deeper cleaning that can penetrate right to the backing of the rug, removing all dust and debris.

While we list the most common luxury rugs that we clean like Persian, Turkish, Chinese Superwash, Gabbeh, Oriental and Kilims, we invite rug owners to reach out to us if their luxury floor covering isn’t listed. We have extensive experience in cleaning expensive rugs, and will identify your rug type and its cleaning needs before any care takes place.

How we clean luxury rugs in Essex

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we have devised an in-depth cleaning service that is especially suited to expensive rugs that require special attention.

Our comprehensive cleaning process has nine different steps, and is designed to provide optimal results every time, returning rugs to owners that are clean, fresh and free of stains and odours. To avoid any interruption to our customers, we conduct all cleaning at our dedicated studio, where we have developed specialist equipment and processes with the express purpose of cleaning luxury rugs.

The first step in our process is to inspect your rug and then dye test it. Many luxury rugs use natural dyes, which produce beautiful colours, but such dyes can be unstable. Should our test deem it necessary, we will add a special dye fixative to help avoid any dye bleeding taking place during cleaning, preserving your rug’s colour.

Before your rug can be washed, it’s vital to extract any dry materials, or this will be worked in further during cleaning, making optimum results harder to achieve. We believe in a non-invasive approach to removal, and no traditional carpet beaters or modern vacuum suction is used. Instead, we employ 40,000 gentle mini harmonic vibrations that efficiently remove any dust and dirt from your rug without causing any harm.

The next step involves us soaking your luxury rug in our specially engineered water-filled rug trough. A mild detergent is added to help break down any oils, greases and other debris that have accumulated in the rug’s fibres. No harsh chemicals are ever used, as these can damage the fibres of high-quality rugs. For the same reason, we don’t use high-powered water jets during our rug washing process.

At this point, if your rug has fringes, we attend to them individually. In many types of luxury rugs, fringes are not simply a decorative feature, but are an integral part of their construction. As a result, damage to the fringes can impact the entire rug and how it binds together. We wash the rug’s fringes meticulously, before hand-grooming them until they are pristine.

With this stage complete, your rug is ready to be rinsed. We will submerge your rug in a specially built washing pool that can handle rugs of all different dimensions, from large area rugs to smaller floor coverings like prayer rugs. All detergents are then flushed out during this process using fresh soft water.

Our rug washing pool was designed to perfectly replicate traditional cleaning techniques that have been used to successfully clean rugs for thousands of years. However, we have updated the process, conducting it in a contemporary and controlled environment for consistent and effective results every time. This method of rug washing is considered by experts to be the safest possible way to wash a wide range of expensive rugs, and is especially suited to those with wool yarns.

The next step is to extract all types of contamination present in your rugs, which can include pet urine, smoke and harmful bacteria. The aim is to eliminate all unwanted odours, but also eradicate dangerous bacteria like e.coli and salmonella. To this end, rugs undergo a treatment that effectively kills bacteria without causing any damage to the rugs.

If your rug is stained by food or drink, each individual mark will be tended to in turn at no extra charge.

Next, our team will attentively hand-groom your rug, restoring its former glory. Upon request, we can also apply a stain resistance treatment to your rug, which will protect it against spills and other accidents. The treatment will not only safeguard your rug, but can also prolong the time in between professional cleaning intervals, saving you time and money.

The final stage of our nine-step process involves your rugs being thoroughly dried out in our studio’s centrifuge, and then placed in our dehumidified drying room. Once completely dry, your rug will be delivered back to your home, ready for you to use.

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Rug Cleaning

How long does luxury rug cleaning in Essex take?

While the time taken to clean rugs at our studio can vary depending on a range of factors, we estimate that the entire process will take between 7 to 14 days. This includes collection of your rug, cleaning, drying and its return to your home in perfect condition.

For rug cleaning in Essex, ask the professionals

At Rug Cleaning Studio, our expertise has seen us become a trusted a service for the East Anglia area. Now we are expanding our coverage and offering professional rug cleaning in Essex and Suffolk.

When untrained individuals attempt to clean luxury rugs made of silk, wool, viscose and other materials, the results can be disastrous, and lead to a loss of investment. Our skilled staff and considerate techniques can ensure you avoid this unwanted scenario and receive your rugs back fresh, clean and odour free, preserving them for years to come.

If your expensive rugs need cleaning, we provide a first-class service designed to minimise any interruption to your daily life. Your rugs will be cleaned offsite in our purpose-built studio and then brought back to you as part of our hassle-free service.

Whether you need to book in an annual clean or need assistance with a rug that requires special attention due to its style or stains, you can rely on us. Contact us today at the Rug Cleaning Studio to see how we can help.