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The third most populated settlement in East Anglia, Ipswich is both a town and borough in the county of Suffolk. While the town’s trendy waterfront quarter offers elite accommodation in high rises overlooking luxury yachts, there are many other sought-after locations for the homebuyer. Woodbridge, Rushmere St Andrew, and the wealthy Kesgrave neighbourhood are all popular, but for those who prefer Edwardian and Victorian residences, Christchurch Park remains a leading choice.

When decorating a high-end home, many property owners consider luxury rugs for added style. From elegant appearance of Persian and Turkish rugs to the decadent comfort of ankle-deep shag pile, expensive rugs have much to offer. However, ensuring they endure and retain their look and feel, those who own them must keep them clean and well cared for. Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, our trusted team has the skills and experience to deliver a comprehensive and stress-free service when you require rug cleaning in Ipswich.

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Like well-designed furniture and professional décor, fine quality rugs are ideal for creating an impressive aesthetic in well-appointed properties. Boasting intricate designs and details and crafted from silk and wool, rugs of all kinds can complement colours schemes or become features in favoured rooms.

However, to keep expensive rugs protected from long-term damage and looking at their best, professional care and cleaning is essential. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, our expert team offer a comprehensive and in-depth service when you need rug cleaning in Colchester.

We understand that all rugs are not the same and each type requires different cleaning. Our trusted team is familiar with every type of rug and have the experience and skills to regularly clean rugs with a value of over £10,000.

Fringe Cleaning

What type of rugs can we clean?

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we know well that different types of rugs each need specific cleaning methods to refresh and restore them. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in all types of luxury rug available, and use cleaning products and processes that are specifically designed to care for rugs with a value of up to £10,000.

Deep modern rugs like shag pile can become filled with dust over time and vacuuming is not enough to remove it. If left unchecked, this dust gets ground into the pile and can cut fibres, while also making rugs look dull and lifeless. Our in-depth methods can penetrate right to the rug’s backing protecting your investment and returning the rug’s impeccable appearance.

Strong but soft, wool is a popular material used to construct high-quality rugs. As a result, we are commonly asked to clean them and have developed wool-friendly cleaning procedures using specific products. Rugs made from silk like Oriental and Persian rugs are also items we serve that require careful and gentle cleaning, along with an individual grooming process that makes sure they are always soft to the touch.

As well as those detailed above, we regularly service an expansive range of rugs, including Chinese Superwash, Turkish, Gabbeh, Kilim and viscose, using techniques specially designed for each.

We understand that all rugs are not the same and each type requires different cleaning. Our trusted team is familiar with every type of rug and have the experience and skills to regularly clean rugs with a value of over £10,000.

How to clean expensive rugs in Ipswich

We have created a comprehensive service for fine-quality rugs that ensures they are never harmed during cleaning. Our proven nine-step cleaning technique is engineered to leave them fresh, clean, and completely free from odours. Cleaning is performed at our dedicated studio where we use built-for-purpose equipment designed to deliver outstanding results.

First rugs are examined and identified before being dye tested. When necessary, we apply a fixative to stop any dye bleed while cleaning. Afterwards, we use gentle mini harmonic vibrations which remove dry soiling, such as dust and dirt, from rugs before soaking them in our rug trough with a mild detergent. No potentially damaging cleaning jets or chemicals are used during cleaning.

Fringes are washed and hand groomed, before rugs are submerged in our specially built rug washing pool where detergents are flushed out. Our pool has been designed to recreate traditional cleaning methods but in contemporary controlled setting to protect the rugs we clean. This approach is proven to be the most effective and safest way to clean wool rugs.

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To remove unpleasant odours or pet urine contamination, we carefully treat rugs with bacteria-killing products that have no harmful impact on the pile. When rugs feature persistent stains, each is attended to separately with no additional cost. The next step involves our experienced team attentively hand-grooming your rug. We can then, upon request treat the rug with a specially formulated stain resistant product which can protection it from spills and extend the length of cleaning intervals.

The rugs are then dried in our centrifuge before we place them in a dedicated dehumidified drying room. After they are entirely dry your clean rugs are returned to your home address.

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Are you looking for professional rug cleaning in Ipswich?

Serving homeowners in Cambridge and Newmarket with expert cleaning, at Rug Cleaning Studio, we are now extending our support to property owners Ipswich, Colchester and other places throughout Suffolk and Essex

If fine quality rugs are not cleaned professionally, they may be damaged, but our experienced team use tried and tested methods to preserve your rugs and return them to their original condition.

If your rug need cleaning, we can offer you our nine-step service. Our dedicated team will collect your rug from you, clean it offsite in our studio and then return it, refreshed and ready to use.

You might be looking to restore your rug to its former glory or need help with difficult stains and unpleasant odours. Whatever service you need, reach out to now at the Rug Cleaning Studio.

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