Based in West Suffolk, the town of Newmarket is northeast of Cambridge and just 14 miles to the west of Bury St Edmonds.

Internationally known for being synonymous with thoroughbred horseracing, Newmarket is also a key business cluster for the area. As a result, it has become a coveted location for many, including some of the UK’s wealthiest homeowners.

Like professional décor and well-designed furniture, fine quality rugs are a popular option to create a luxury aesthetic in high value homes and estates. Featuring intricate designs and motifs and crafted from natural materials such as silk and wool, handwoven rugs of all kinds can perfectly complement colour schemes and become a feature in favoured rooms used for entertaining guests.

However, to ensure such expensive rugs remain protected from long-term harm and stay looking at their best, expert cleaning and care from a professional service is critical. Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, our dedicated team supply a comprehensive service when you require rug cleaning in Newmarket and other parts of Suffolk.

What rug types need professional cleaning in Newmarket?

Rugs woven from wool are among the rug types that most often require a professional clean.

Fortunately, cleaning products and procedures designed specifically for caring for wool without causing harm are available. Silk rugs are another kind of rug that require expert help. Silk and wool have been used in luxury rugs for thousands of years and are selected for their strength. However, regardless of how robust they are, gentle and considerate cleaning along with additional grooming are required to ensure they stay soft to touch. Gabbeh and Perian rugs are both luxurious but possess a deep pile that over time can become choked with dust. As a result, they need in-depth cleaning that can penetrate right to their backing.

Modern rugs like viscose rugs are made from products like bamboo, paper pulp, and sometimes wood. They require expert cleaning to avoid spoiling as they are pH sensitive. If tap water is used to clean viscose, it can result in rugs incurring unpleasant brown stains. Expert cleaners pre-rinse viscose rugs with acidic washes that render them safe for cleaning. As you can see, without an understanding of rugs and their needs, considerable harm can be inflicted on them during cleaning, making a professional service the only choice to refresh and reinvigorate them.

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we understand that each type of rugs requires a different cleaning approach. We are familiar with all types of rugs and have both the skills and experience to care for luxury rugs with a value that exceeds £10,000.

What does professional cleaning in Newmarket involve?

Informed by our in-depth knowledge of luxury rugs, we have created a nine-step VIP treatment that is designed to get them fresher, cleaner, and remove any unwanted stains and odours. Cleaning is conducted at our specialist studio to mitigate any disruption to rug owners and we handles both collection and delivery, as well as placement when required.

First rugs are carefully inspected, and then properly dye tested. If we feel it is necessary, a dye fix will be added to avoid any colour bleeding during cleaning. We then use around 40,000 harmonic vibrations to completely remove dry soiling such as dirt, grit, and dust before soaking rugs with a gentle detergent. We never use powerful water jets or strong chemical cleaners. Instead, we use cleaning methods designed to recreate traditional techniques, but in our controlled modern environment to deliver consistent and effective results.

Fringes are cared for next with hand grooming, and then rugs are fully submerged in our well-engineered rug washing pool to extract all detergents using softened water. The pool is considered the safest option to clean many luxury rug types, including wool.

To eliminate odours or pet urine contamination, luxury rugs are treated with effective bacteria-killing products that cause no harm to rug pile. If stubborn stains are present, each is treated individually for no additional cost. Next, rugs are groomed by hand until they are soft and, if you desire, we can apply a special treatment designed to make floor coverings resistant. This treatment can provide additional protection from accidents but also increase the time in between professional rug cleaning services.

Finally, rugs are spin-dried in our studio centrifuge and then placed in our built-for-purpose drying room to be humidified. After they have dried, clean rugs are delivered back to your home as part of our hassle-free service, ready for you to enjoy

Do you require expert rug cleaning in Newmarket?

Serving Newmarket and Cambridge homeowners for many years with professional rug cleaning, our team also serve wider Suffolk and Essex.

If expensive rugs do not receive the professional cleaning that they require, they can easily become damaged and lose their value. Get in touch with us today at the Rug Cleaning Studio for professional rug cleaning in Newmarket.