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Rug Cleaning in Suffolk

A ceremonial county of East Anglia, Suffolk has many prosperous towns. While Ipswich is the largest settlement, other prominent locations include Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury and Lowestoft. The county is also home to an abundance of picturesque villages where wealthy homeowners have taken up residence, such as the village of Great Barton, and the seaside village of Thorpeness.

Affluent families with well-appointed homes around the county often dress their rooms with luxury rugs. While some select traditional floor coverings made with wool and silk, others opt for modern rugs like lush shag pile and viscose. However, each rug type has its own care concerns, making professional rug cleaning in Suffolk a valuable service.

What can professional rug cleaning in Suffolk provide?

Specialist cleaners understand the needs of all rug types and tailor their methods accordingly. For instance, rugs that use natural dyes like Persian and Oriental options can experience colour bleeds during care. Experts carry out a dye test before cleaning, and if required, apply a dye fix to stop rugs losing their vibrant hues.

Equipment used by rug experts is engineered to provide optimum results without ever damaging what are often rare artworks and family heirlooms. From harmonic miniature vibrations used to remove dry soiling, to specially engineered rug washing pools and dehumidification rooms for effective drying, innovative solutions are employed to maximum effect.

Dedicated rug cleaning for Suffolk homes

Offering our expert services for decades, we are proud of the trusted reputation we have built in East Anglia and to homeowners in Suffolk. Our approach is designed to minimise any inconvenience to rug owners and includes a collection and return service. All cleaning is conducted at our built-for-purpose studio designed to handle rugs regardless of their size and materials, to avoid any disruption around your home.

While we have created custom cleaning equipment, our methods replicate those used to care for expensive rugs for hundreds of years. We only use a mild detergent and soft water when deep cleaning rugs, and no harsh chemicals or pressure jets are involved in our process. When rugs are brought to us with stains, we include their removal at no additional cost.

If your rug is starting to lose its lustre or has picked up unpleasant odours or unwanted marks, we can help. Get in touch with our experienced team here at the Rug Cleaning studio for care you can count on in Suffolk.

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