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Silk rug cleaning

Silk plays many roles in luxury rugs. Depended upon for its robust nature, silk is used in rug construction for warp and weft components, but its shimmering appearance and softness means it is often used as the more decorative elements in rugs made from other materials.

While silk has extraordinary natural properties that make it shine and endure, keeping it in top condition requires care and upkeep, as it also has certain vulnerabilities.

Why is professional cleaning best for silk rugs?

Strong but soft, silk makes an excellent addition to any luxury rug. However, using incorrect cleaning methods and solutions can result in harm, ruining the appearance of silk rugs and shortening their lifespan.

Silk rugs are often high-value items, making professional cleaning a must to protect your investment.

High heat or excessive moisture can damage silk, as can strong chemical cleaners. As a result, cleaning silk rugs can present a considerable challenge.

Fortunately, rug care professionals understand the specific needs of these prized floor coverings, and can refresh them with gentle but deep cleaning.

How are silk rugs professionally cleaned?

From start to finish, the utmost care is taken when professionals clean silk rugs.

Dye tests and fixes are conducted to preserve natural colours, and dry soiling is expertly extracted using non-invasive harmonic vibrations.

Rugs are deep cleaned with mild detergent in soft water using proven techniques applied for centuries. Translated into a modern setting, rug washing pools and centrifuges ensure silk is kept pristine and dried thoroughly. To restore their lustre, silk rugs also receive hand-grooming.

Do you need expert care for your silk rugs?

Providing silk rug owners in the Newmarket and Cambridge area with professional cleaning for many years, our team at the Rug Cleaning Studio now extends its support to serve Suffolk and Essex as well.

When silk rugs aren’t professionally cleaned, you run the risk of damage, but we have the experience, equipment and skills to preserve your rug’s worth, and return it refreshed and ready to use.

To access our comprehensive cleaning service for silk rugs, get in touch with the Rug Cleaning Studio today.

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