Types of rugs we clean

Since no two rugs are the same, we understand how carefully they need to be treated. Whatever type of rug you have, we’ll be familiar with it and will give it the care it deserves.

Types of rugs we clean include:

Wool Rugs

Most of the rugs we clean are wool rugs, weather hand woven or modern tufted wool rugs. Wool is very versatile and strong, and makes a great construction fibre for rugs because of this. We use wool-friendly cleaning products and procedures.

Silk Rugs

Silk has been used in the construction of rugs for thousands of years and makes for some very fine and beautiful rugs. Silk is normally used in the warp, weft and pile construction but other fibres can be substituted in parts of the construction. Silk is well known for being strong but silk rugs do need to be cleaned gently and carefully, and they normally need extra grooming to leave the pile soft to touch. We clean many silk rugs at Rothwell's and know how to treat them.

Viscose Rugs

Viscose is a modern manufactured fibre made from natural products such as wood, bamboo or paper pulp. It is silk-like in its appearance and texture, so is often called 'art silk'. Many modern designer rugs are made from viscose, or viscose may be used in sections of the pattern along with wool to make the design stand out. Viscose can be a tricky fibre to clean as it is pH sensitive, meaning even tap water can cause a brown stain if not treated right. Acidic rinses added to water can make viscose safe to clean.

Persian Rugs

A term often used to cover many types of rugs from a wide area, it really refers to rugs from what used to be Persia and is now most commonly used to describe rugs from modern-day Iran. There are many styles and types of Persian rugs, include Tabriz, Heriz, Kashan, Gabbeh, Isfahan and Nain rugs.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are any rugs from ‘the East’, meaning all rugs from Turkey and Iran to China and south east Asia, so most of the hand made rugs we see in Europe. They are hand woven, normally from wool and cotton, but also from silk.

Kilim Rugs

Kilims differ from most rugs in that they do not have a pile but are a flat weave construction. Kilims tend to use bright colours and geometric patterns. The weave is a tapestry style weave but with gaps or slits between areas of different colour with linking fibres. Kilims are more likely than some others to use vegetable dyes, so extra care is taken with the colours and they may need a dye stabilisation product to be used (free of charge).

Chinese Rugs

Also known as Chinese Superwash Rugs, these are identifiable by the very thick wool pile and carved designs, normally in pastel colours, but bright blues and reds can sometimes be used. We see these in two main construction types - hand woven and the cheaper ‘hand’ tufted. You can tell them apart by looking at the back of the rug - if the woven design is visible on the back, it's hand woven, whereas if you can see a backing material, it is tufted into a laminate backing. Although the tufted kind are an imitation of the hand woven construction, both can make for beautiful rugs that due to their thick wool piles can be very durable and long lasting.

Turkish Rugs

This is simply any rug made in Turkey or what was the Ottoman empire. There are many rugs made in Turkey now including rugs not historically from that part of Asia. Traditional Turkish rugs include Konya, Bergama, Tulu and Kilims.

Gabbeh Rugs

Sometimes also spelt 'Gabba', this is a style of Persian rug known for its bright colours and simple patterns, often with small animal motifs. They have a thick heavy pile, which means they are long lasting and robust but also hold onto a lot of dust. They are a personal favourite of mine and we clean many of them here at Rothwell's.

Shag pile

A modern rug with a thick lush pile that can be made from wool or synthetic fibres. Because of the deep pile, these often need deep cleaning. We see many shag pile or deep pile rugs at our studio.

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