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Wool Rug Cleaning Ipswich

From machine-made tufted rugs to those woven by hand, many rugs are manufactured from wool.

It’s unsurprising that the longstanding tradition of using wool in floor coverings has continued today, due to the materials many desirable attributes.

Supplying warmth and soft to the touch, wool fibres are robust, allowing rugs made from them to see use for many years. Wool can also be combined with other materials and dyed to match the owner’s personal aesthetics.

Understanding the weaknesses of wool

While its qualities are undeniable, wool also has vulnerabilities that can shorten the lifespan of rugs when adequate care and attention isn’t taken.

Fortunately, experienced services provide specialist wool rug cleaning in Ipswich and other Suffolk towns that can protect and preserve them.

Wool can create a thick pile, and deep cleaning is required to penetrate right to the backing of these rugs where a vacuum cleaner’s suction can struggle to reach.

Wool fibres also feature natural pockets that collect dust and dirt over time, which can be tough to extract.

Highly absorbent wool can quickly soak up spilled liquids or take on odours from pets, smoke and food. Wool can also take time to dry, which makes excessive moisture and damp a substantial threat that can lead to issues like mildew.

Professional rug cleaning for wool rugs

Wool rugs make up a considerable volume of the floor covering we care for.

As a result, we have devised wool-sensitive cleaning methods that answer their needs.
For example, we use a rug soaking trough and washing pool for deep cleaning, a technique that has proven to be the most effective way to clean wool rugs.

While based in a controlled setting for consistency, our techniques are the contemporary equivalent of centuries old cleaning methods with proven results. Our dogmatic drying procedures also involve effective equipment in the form of our studio centrifuge and dehumidifying room.

Trust the experts in wool rug cleaning for Ipswich

With a longstanding reputation providing high-quality care to luxury floor coverings, our team are proud to provide wool rug cleaning to Ipswich homeowners.

If you have a wool rug that requires immediate attention or annual upkeep, you can count on us. Our comprehensive and considerate service includes collection, offsite cleaning at our studio and safe return home.

Using our 9-step cleaning and drying service that includes stain removal and protective treatments that prolong time between professional care, we can ensure you rug will come back to you cleaner and fresher than ever before.

Contact our specialist team today at the Rug Cleaning Studio to reinvigorate your wool rug.

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