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Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool is a popular natural material used in making a wide range of rugs, from modern tufted editions to luxurious handwoven works of art. Soft to the touch, wool is also exceptionally robust, giving it ideal attributes for rug makers with a desire to create products designed for years of use.

While wool is an exceptional construction fibre for producing high-quality rugs, it requires care and understanding to maintain. As a result, professionals with knowledge of wool rug cleaning are an advisable option to keep rugs in great condition and extend their lifespan.

Why is professional cleaning advised for wool rugs?

Wool might be durable, but when it comes to cleaning, there are important points to observe. For instance, wool never reacts well to being cleaned with strong chemicals and can even start to dissolve if chlorine bleach is applied. Stain removal can also present difficulties as the thick fibres of a wool are highly absorbent.

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Attempts to clean wool rugs at home can sometimes make matters worse. When incorrect cleaning and drying methods, equipment and products are used, rugs can become harmed and be hard to repair.

This thickness also leads to other issues. Dust and daily grime can become embedded in wool yarns, making rug patterns and colours become faded. Build-up of dirt and other contaminants can also result in unpleasant musty odours, and when compressed can knife into fibres damaging the structural integrity of the rug. In worst case scenarios, this can lead to lasting damage.

Fortunately, experienced rug cleaning services have devised cleaning processes which preserve and protect wool rugs while refreshing and revitalising their appearance.

What are the different types of wool rugs?

An extensive selection of expensive and luxury rugs are made with wool. Persian and Oriental rugs are renowned for using wool woven by hand and sometimes combining it with silk. Turkish rugs are crafted with soft radiant wool, while Chinese Superwash rugs use a thick wool pile. While these classic rugs often feature wool, so can modern luxury rugs such as shag pile and deep pile.

What does wool rug cleaning involve?

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we are frequently asked to restore wool rugs to their former glory. Well-versed in the needs of wool rugs, we have established a service that can provide the correct care required for rugs worth up to £10,000.

Our studio is equipped with built-for-purpose equipment which perfectly replicates non-invasive traditional cleaning techniques to ensure no harm ever comes to your wool rug during maintenance. As a result, we collect rugs from our clients and clean them offsite before returning them dry and ready to put back in place. Our hassle-free system has the added benefit of minimising any disruption to their daily life.

Many wool rugs feature natural dyes, so our first step is always to assess whether protection during cleaning is required. When it is, we add a dye fix which limits any dye bleeding. To remove any dry soiling like dust, dirt and other particles, we employ thousands of mini harmonic vibrations which eliminate any stress on the wool rug’s yarns.

When it comes to washing, we use a system that is recognised for being the safest cleaning technique for wool rugs. Rugs are soaked inside a rug washing trough that features no strong cleaning jets. No chemicals are used to clean the wool rugs, just some mild detergent which is then flushed out efficiently in specially engineered rug washing pool.

While these are traditional cleaning techniques, they are tried and tested, and we conduct them in a contemporary work environment to deliver consistently satisfying results every time.

If your wool rug has specific issues like stains or has been contaminated by pet odours or mess, we will resolve them ensuring your rug is returned unmarked and smelling fresh. We believe in a personal touch, as a result if your wool rug has fringes, these will be cleaned and attended to individually while the entire rug will be hand-groomed before drying begins.

Our drying equipment consists of a centrifuge and dedicated room where wool rugs can be dried and dehumidified before we deliver them back to you. Customers who are keen to add an extra layer of protection for their wool rugs can also order an anti-stain treatment.

Where to find specialist in wool rug cleaning

Serving wool rug owners in Cambridge and Newmarket with professional cleaning for years, at Rug Cleaning Studio, we now also offer support to customers Suffolk and Essex.

When fine quality wool rugs aren’t cleaned by professionals, they can easily damaged, but our dedicated team have the skills and experience to preserve the value of your rug and return it in pristine condition.

If your wool rug requires cleaning, we can provide you with a nine-step service that promises exceptional results. Reach out us here at Rug Cleaning Studio for assistance.

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