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Can I use a carpet cleaning machine on a rug?

When it comes to cleaning carpets vs cleaning rugs, some people may be uncertain as to whether a technique that works on one will work on another. Take a look at whether carpet cleaners can be used for rugs, or if you need to use different methods for these similar furnishings.

Construction of carpets of rugs and when to use a carpet cleaner

The first thing to know about carpets and rugs is that they are constructed differently. Both carpets and rugs are woven from natural materials such as wool or cotton. However, the weaving of a rug is tighter than that of carpets, which therefore requires a deeper method of cleaning and refreshing than a carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaners use a combination of hot water and pressure to remove dirt from carpets. When used on a rug, a carpet cleaner will only moisten the dirt as opposed to getting it out. The dirt then tends to harden, which weakens the fibres and leads to the rug falling apart. Furthermore, the hot water that the carpet cleaner produces can lead to the dyes in the rug bleeding, and the tips can become frayed as a result of the machine or user applying heat and pressure to the furnishing. Carpet cleaners, therefore, should be used strictly on carpets only, as unlike rugs, they only need to be cleaned on surface level and the synthetic fibres can handle the pressure and hot water better than natural, more fragile materials.

What to use to clean rugs

Be sure to check the care label for instructions on how to clean a rug, particularly if it is in the Persian or Oriental styles; these are made from densely woven wool fibres, which requires great care to avoid issues like the bleeding of dyes and permanent alteration of the material. The service will even provide stain protection from oil and water-based substances, so just ask your cleaning provider upon booking.

If your rug is in need of a deep clean, and you live in Colchester, Essex, Cambridge or the surrounding areas, then the Rug Cleaning Studio will carry out the job for you. Just call or email our team, and we’ll use our nine-step process that involves testing, cleaning and drying, ensuring that any dirt and debris is removed from your rug.


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