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Viscose rug cleaning

Viscose rugs make a handsome addition to any home. A semi-synthetic floor covering, viscose is crafted from a man-made fibre derived from natural products such as paper pulp, bamboo and sometimes wood.

Viscose is prized for its elegant and lustrous appearance, which has earned it the name “Art Silk” in design circles. While some rugs are made entirely of viscose, in other cases, only certain elements are made from the manufactured material to showcase a design using its sheen.

While viscose rugs can be lovely to look at, they require expert and gentle care when cleaning to avoid harm.

Why is expert cleaning important for viscose rugs?

Viscose rugs are extremely sensitive, meaning standard vacuuming should be avoided. Excess or extreme cleaning solutions can also cause damage to viscose, while even plain tap water can represent a threat to their threads.

Viscose is highly pH sensitive, which means moisture can create a brown or yellow stain on rug fibres. So, how do you clean viscose rugs without damaging them?

Professional rug cleaners with experience of caring for viscose have an in-depth understanding of their individual needs, and have devised special systems and processes to preserve their condition while revitalising them.

How do professionals clean viscose rugs?

With an understanding that powerful suction or rough brushing can harm viscose, rug cleaners use non-invasive techniques to remove dry soiling rug. Around 40,000 mini harmonic vibrations effectively eliminate all dust particles before wet cleaning occurs.

To counter the pH sensitivity of viscose, all water used is treated with an acidic rinse prior to cleaning to ensure no staining or spoiling occurs. Only mild detergent is ever employed during care, and gentle but deep cleansing methods are used – never powerful water jets.

Do you need expert care for your silk rugs?

At our built-for purpose studio, we are fully equipped to care for viscose rugs.

Serving rug owners from Cambridge out to Ipswich and Essex, we supply a conscientious and convenient service that includes collection, off-site cleaning and delivery. For viscose rug cleaning you can trust, reach out to our trained team at the Rug Cleaning Studio today.

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