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How we clean your rug

If you want to get your rug fresh, clean and free of odour, give it the VIP treatment here at the Rug Cleaning Studio.

Our specialist studio in Cambridgeshire is the best place for it to be, as we put it through nine thorough cleaning steps to revitalise it.

Step 1

Step 1 inspected and dye tested

Inspected & Dye Tested

Your rug will be inspected and dye tested before we start anything. Some handmade rugs will have unstable dyes, so for these rugs we apply a dye fix product to stabilise the dyes and reduce the risk of dye bleed. 

Step 2

rug cleaning process step 2

Dry Soil Removal

Rugs can hold onto large amounts of dust, dirt and other dry soiling. Your rug will be vibrated with 40,000 mini harmonic vibrations per minute. This vibration is a gentle and thorough way to remove the dry dust and soiling within the rug and from your home.

Step 3

rug cleaning process step 3


Most rugs will be soaked in our rug soaking trough. This soaking allows water and mild cleaning detergent to loosen the soiling within the rug, with no need for damaging high-pressure water jets or harsh chemicals.

Step 6

Fringe Cleaning

Fringe Cleaning

The fringes of rugs normally take extra care and time-consuming cleaning. Once we have finished, you will have bright, fresh-looking fringes that are hand groomed and tangle free.

Step 5

rug cleaning 52


Rugs are washed in our purpose-built rug-washing pool where we can fully submerge the rug. All cleaning detergents are flushed from the rug with softened water. This is the safest way to wash handmade wool rugs and replicates traditional processes that have been used for hundreds of years but in a modern controlled setting.

Step 4

rug cleaning 21

Odour & Urine Contamination Treatment

We see many rugs with pet odours and can treat them to remove these smells. Rugs will be soaked and washed separately in bacteria-killing odour treatment.

Step 7

rug cleaning process step 7

Stains Treated

Often, there are some stubborn stains. We will treat all of these separately with our wide range of stain treatments products. There is NO extra cost for these extra treatments.

Step 8

rug cleaning process step 8

Hand-Groomed & Stain-Protected

All rugs are carefully groomed by hand after cleaning. We also offer the option of stain protection to help keep your rug clean for longer.

Step 9

rug cleaning 22 scaled

Fully Dried

All rugs are spin-dried in our rug centrifuge and then placed in our special dehumidified rug-drying room. Your rug will be returned to you fully dry and ready to use, giving you a hassle-free service.

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