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Kilim rug cleaning

While kilim rugs are handwoven, they are not hand knotted. This is because they have a flat weave construction without pile.

As a result, these finely crafted rugs take less time to create, making them more affordable than other luxury floor coverings. Their price and versatility, suiting both modern and traditional rooms, has seen them become entry items for many new rug collectors.

Celebrated for their vivid colours and geometric patterns, kilim rugs are aesthetically charming but require consideration when cleaning to retain their appeal.

Understanding the needs of kilim rugs

The bright colours featured on kilim rugs make them exceptionally attractive to owners, however they often originate with natural dyes. Unlike other types of dyes, those which derive from plants and vegetables can be exceptionally unstable.

When they become wet during cleaning, this can cause colours to migrate and bleed into others. Kilims often feature geometric shapes in different hues, and this migration can quickly spoil their aesthetics.

Rug cleaning experts are well-versed in the needs of kilim rugs, and take precautionary measures to ensure such unwanted effects ever occur. This provides rug owners with peace of mind that their kilim will be returned refreshed, with no loss of colour.

How kilim rug colours are protected by professional cleaners

Before kilim rugs are cleaned, experts conduct a dye test to determine if their colours are stable. If needed, they apply a specially designed dye fixative that mitigates any colour migration, and ensures that no dye shifts occur during cleaning.

Dye stabilisation products are included at no additional charge as part of a professional rug cleaning service. With their colours safeguarded, rugs can then be gently but effectively deep cleaned, hand-groomed and dried.

Does your kilim rug need a professional clean?

At our fully equipped premises, our team have in-depth knowledge of how to care for all kinds of rugs, including kilims. We provide our nine-step cleaning service that includes dye tests and dye stabilisation products to rug owners based in Newmarket, Cambridge, Suffolk and Essex.

For kilim rug cleaning you can count on, talk to us at the Rug Cleaning Studio today.

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