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Chinese or Chinese Superwash rugs are high-quality floor coverings often coveted by homeowners.

With varied colour schemes that range from strong hues to light pastel, these rugs boast carved designs and a luxurious pile.

Available in hand-woven and hand-knotted styles, these rugs can be crafted by artisans or machine-made respectively.

Both types of Chinese rugs can be beautiful and built-to-last, due to the material they are created with. However, if wool has been used, the thick pile can be difficult to clean effectively and safely using conventional home solutions.

Why do Chinese rugs require professional cleaning?

Wool is warm, strong and soft, which makes it an ideal fibre to make Chinese rugs from. However, the warmth it offers is made possible by minute air pockets in its construction. Unfortunately, this feature also make wool absorb moisture easily, and if improperly dried can lead to damp and issues like mildew, which ruins rugs.

Chinese rugs often feature a deep wool pile, and household cleaning equipment like vacuums can’t always penetrate right to the rug backing where dust builds up. Over time, compacted dust forms a hard layer around the roots of yarns and bites into them, causing rug balding and lasting harm

Professional rug cleaners have designed special equipment that can both clean and dry thick wool floor coverings, like Chinese rugs, to ensure they endure for many years to come.

What can a professional service offer Chinese rug owners?

Rug cleaning studios are equipped with solutions to suit Chinese rug care. For example, traditional rug washing pools and troughs are viewed by experts as the best way to safely clean wool rugs.

Soft water is combined with gentle detergent, and rugs are deep cleaned to extract debris embedded deep in their fibres.

Drying equipment is equally effective on-site. Rugs spin dry on a centrifuge before being placed carefully in a dehumidification room to remove any moisture remaining, keeping them safe from damp.

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If you have a Chinese rug in need of care, you can count on us for a comprehensive clean. Talk to us at the Rug Cleaning Studio today and book your next service.

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