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We understand how much you cherish your rug, so you might well have questions about what we do. Here are a few we get asked regularly.

We regularly offer free collection and return deliveries to customers in Cambridge, Newmarket, Ipswich, Colchester, Saffron Walden, Bury St Edmunds, Ely, Royston, Huntingdon and all places in-between. We can sometime go further so please let us know where you are. You can also bring rugs to us at the Rug Cleaning Studio – Rothwell’s, Malting End, Kirtling, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, CB8 9HH.

Drop us a message with your location and we’ll let you know if we can collect and provide a choice of dates.

We estimate it will take 7 to 14 days to collect, clean, dry and return your rug to you in great condition.

Yes, we understand that not only can rugs get dirty and stained over time but they can pick up smells that come from smoke, dirt, bacteria trapped within them, or from pet urine accidents.

Any odour treatments needed is included in our cleaning process with no extra charges, so you do not need to worry – all nasty smells will be removed. You can read more about our cleaning processes here.

Yes, we can clean any rugs, and we use our knowledge and experience to ensure we’re giving it the care it deserves. Our ‘Types of rugs we clean’ page gives just a few examples of this.

Yes. Dust and dirt within your rug creates a sandpaper effect by rubbing against the rug fibres, scratching and wearing them out. This ages them before their time and can lead to ‘bald’ patches in the pile. With many rugs being beautiful works of art, this is a real shame. Rothwell’s rug cleaning service is not just designed for the immediate better appearance of a rug, but all aspects are also done with the long-term health of the rug in mind. 

Yes. Of course silk rugs (and viscose) take extra care and attention in both cleaning and drying. They often need lots of extra grooming both after cleaning and after drying. Silk rugs need to be cleaned in such a way that the fibres are evenly wet to prevent pile distortion. We love cleaning silk rugs as the look and feel after cleaning can be truly breath-taking as the colours become refreshed.  

Yes. If you have a viscose rug you need to choose your rug care specialist very carefully as they are tricky to clean. Viscose is a delicate human-made fibre made from cellulosic natural fibres such as wood, bamboo or paper pulp. It needs very careful cleaning and some stains will not be removable, but we do clean many viscose rugs and we have the knowhow to do so.

Yes, we offer a stain protection coating that helps make the fibres more water and oil resistant. This really helps prevent stains on your rug. Please ask us about this when booking your rug cleaning.

Max Campbell stated Rothwell’s Cleaning in 1993. Back then he cleaned carpets, upholstery and rugs all within customers homes. This meant there were some rugs he could not clean, and we wanted to offer a full specialist service just for rugs. We took the knowledge we had and, in 2014, we set up our specialist rug cleaning studio, fully equipped with a rug washing bath, centrifuge drying and dehumidified drying rooms, and dusting platforms and equipment.

Yes, we will happily come into your home, move furniture and roll up your rug so we can take it away for cleaning. We will also place your rug back in position when returning it after cleaning.

Sorry, but we do not currently offer repairs (except minor repairs to backing tape). However, we can advise on repairs and recommend an appropriate company, even dropping it off there for repair after cleaning if this helps.

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